POTM - December 2016


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We're pleased to announce the start of December's Photo of the Month contest

This month's theme is a seasonal affair - WINTER/XMAS!

Again, this leaves a wide scope of creativity to be used - so whether it's a frosty alloy, a snow covered bonnet, a Recaro piled high with presents, or a Xmas tree strapped to a Cup spoiler, the world is your festive/wintry oyster!

@lewisflintham was last month's winner - who will steal his Santa hat crown??

Entries are welcomed up to Thursday 29th December, when the voting will be available, with the winner announced on New Years Eve! Please post your entries into this thread, or alternatively PM it to a staff member who will post it for you.

Good luck to all and happy snapping!


Winner - POTM November 2017, January 2018
Gave the car a good wash today, will try think of a photo for tomorrow before it gets filth again!

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Detailing Dale
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I'd washed mine not long before the picture, but because of the filthy roads by the time I got to where I took the picture the car was filthy up the sides again! :chair:
Only photo that could top that is maybe capturing a clio wheel spinning and flicking some snow up! Great photo there.


POTM Winner - August 2016
haha that's why I waited until there were a few entries before I posted mine :sweatsmile:

@Dystant I'm nowhere near professional, but I'll happily suspend myself from next month if i win this one :wink:
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DAMN IT!!!! We dont get snow here in december... Not Fair! hahaha
Im on the hunt for a very very large christmas tree.....

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