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Discussion in 'Clio 200 Area' started by Roshi69, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Roshi69


    GW Clio 200 RS
    Hi guy,

    Unfortunately I may be forced to sell the motor soon

    I still have finance so would need a trader to pay the settlement fee before getting a new one.

    I know i'd be best selling privately and keeping all mods on the car as most of the mods I've done are the ones that everyone seems to do (lower it, cat back exhaust etc) but I live in Northern Ireland and and there may not be too much of a demand/appreciation for these cars.

    My question is: would I be best selling privately or trade?
    should I leave the mods on it or strip them off and return the car to standard and sell the mods separatly?
    I've also no idea how much to market it for (with or without mods).

    Here's my progress thread for anyone who missed it: https://clio197.net/threads/roshis-progress-thread.55913/

  2. petercronin

    petercronin Paid Member

    North East England
    LY FF Clio 200 with Cup Pack
    Private sales are always going to get you the most money but you may find it hard to find somebody who’s looking for the exact spec you have and harder still to find somebody willing to pay the finance off first before giving you the rest of the cash. It’ll probably help a lot if you could get a personal loan / borrow money from someone to pay off the finance and then use the money from the car sale to pay off the loan.

    A trade sale will be the easiest and probably quickest for you but you’ll not get anywhere near what you could privately.

    A lot of it comes down to how much of a rush you are to sell really. You’ll not lose any money advertising it on here and could list it as two prices, with and without mods. My personal choice considering the hassle and money would probably be in this order:

    1. Private sale with all mods on.
    2. Strip the mods and private sale of a standard car (may get a little more money than selling it with them on).
    3. Strip the mods and trade sale of a standard car.
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  3. -Eddie-

    -Eddie- Missing In Action Paid Member

    200 Cup
    Ross, contact Stefan at Performance Cars NI. He bought my Clio off me and gave me an extremely good price.
  4. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Leeds, W Yorks
    Speaking from recent personal experience, selling privately is a ball-ache and not something I'd be willing to do again in a hurry. Selling to a trader/dealer is easier, but as Peter says, the money you'll get will be a lot less... I also found it quite tricky to price mine at the right point - too much and the interest will be flat, too little and it feels like a kick in the nuts. The prices seem to vary so much from car to car - this for me is the key to a smoother sale.

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