No. 434/500


- Number 434
- Malta Blue
- Cup Pack


- Black Speedlines & black centre caps
- Black side extractor vents
- Black mirror caps
- Black rear diamond
- 6k HIDs
- RS steering wheel insert
- Silvatecs
- Slimmer front number plate
- Alloy footrest
- Xenon white LED number plate & interior lights
- Debadged 'CLIO'

Untitled by Curley89, on Flickr

Service History:

Mileage 2402 - First oil change at BTM Performance

Progress Thread:
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Sorry, it is Malta Blue. I wonder if there are any white or black ones in the UK!

No pictures yet, it's a few hundred miles away in Wigan :worried: I'll email the dealer and see if he'll take some for me to wet our appetite
Number 434 ! Blimey ! Guess they have sold a load in Europe - or they are just making the numbers up as they go along..
No idea, I was close to buying 110 at the same time :S most I have seen on the forums have been below 100 but mine is a high 434.

The one at WSR was 433 or 435 lol (I know it was one off mine)
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My 200 is up for sale. Drop me a PM if interested and I'll send you over all of the details.
Speedlines, cup pack, climate, bluetooth, projectors, full leather, folding mirrors etc etc etc
19,000 miles.
Extensive service history.
Looking for a quick sale as I've had my new car for a while now.
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