No. 084/500

well the day has come and 84 rolled out of the showroom.

Malta BLUE
Blue Alloys
Cup Pack.

so far loving it, up to 13mpg already, just changed the front indicators to phillips silver bulbs cleaner and brighter...

pics to follow
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i know, when we got the dealer list he thought that was interesting, its currently on retention.

couple of days after we got the car was at McD and a boy in his mums insured saxo with "standard??" tints sewer pipe exhaust and bucket seats came over and said that its not a vauxhall

well the weekend meant a quick clean, well 2 hours, unfortunately phone went flat so 1 before and 1 after.

2 bicket wash with autogylm shampoo
towel dry
autoglym wheel wash
armorguard screen and trim wipes
maguirs polish

thanks, bought it for hubby as a surprise for when he ordered the car, a real head turner. he didnt know till the morning we went to collect KAT:driveby:

hi again

thanks for the advice etc, we have now gone and bought a half set (rest in post) of blue interior bulbs.

So far have changed 1 door, 2 out if 3 of the front cluster and the one in the rear. once others arrive it will be the other , final blub in cluster,glove box and boot.

Also fitted 1 number plate blub and will fit the 2nd after dark when a picture taken

Rear Cluster


Front Cluster

also had philips xtreme bulbs fitted this weekend to projectors, cleaner lights than the originals

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