mid winter wash

Looking smart!

Wish I could keep mine clean! Still got loads of snow here so a clean car becomes a dirty one within a matter of minutes!


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Love it though on our current roads it would last like that until the end of the road outta the estate.
Thanks peeps . Il fire a few more pics up of further away ..

Thanks again for all the positive comments

deffuser cost £60 to paint but it was a mate . Did it in his spare time in work
Thanks, have you noticed any problems with not having them on the rear? I've never seen them so i don't actually know what their purpose is haha
What tips you got on there? Diffuser looks amazing might have to get that done mate

actually the tips i got of ebay after looking on here . they are aluminium so hopefully wont go bad and tarnish .. the tip thread got me to join up here :thumbup:

It looks like a dynamique spoiler from the lower model Clios. You can pick them up off eBay or a Renault dealer :smile:

Nice car, very clean!

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