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So new Brembos, new Yellowstuff pads and a new set of Cup2s all round meant it must be time for some track work.


Brands Hatch evening session to start easing lockdown blues.

Clio was exceptional as always although I think I need to stiffen the rear more next time.......


a couple of moments I wished for a few more horses - Brands is short and being one of the quickest over paddock hill and up to Druids (such is the front end grip) that it was annoying to have slower cornering cars pull away and then hold me up in the twistys.


Thing is: majority of driving still done on road where it feels plenty quick enough and I wouldn’t want to lose that NA feel or Akro scream.

So all in all - a good evenings hooning!

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Another small mod today then: yellow seatbelts to brighten the cabin and keep the yellow theme moving.


Then a look at the defunct wipers - on inspection motor seems fine which is useful as it was new last year! Got the linkage out and it’s completely seized- couldn’t move it for anything - even with a hammer!

So that’s now resting in a vat of WD-40 over night which gave me a chance to have a good clean in the bits you never get to!


So tomorrow we’ll know if it’s unseized or I need another linkage - never quite finished is it!


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Enlisted some help to get the wiper linkage and motor all sync’d up - fist time she’s shown some interest in getting oily in 20 years! Clio must be rubbing off on her.
Then an Oil and filter change - filter was a b*tch to remove but all done now.

So since March Lockdown began I have pretty much sorted all the interior and a lot of the oily bits as well.

Car is now in great condition, ready to continue enjoying. Need to buy another set of alloys for the PS4s in the garage as the Cup2s are a little too much for daily driving through the depths of winter. Maybe some OZs......


In non-Clio related news: I got my MCoupe back from its TLC over lock down and am loving driving it again!

She’s had:

- Sills and liners removed for full treatment and underseal
- new oem bushes all round
- new Bilstein B8 dampers
- 30mm H&R springs
- thicker H&R arbs front & rear
- callipers rebuilt and painted
- Goodridge braided hoses

she feels as tight as a drum!


Then off for a full detail and ceramic treatment (they found 16 dents as well!)


The Clio is my daily and causes such a grin - but this has been my dream car since I was 14 and never fails to feel special!


Last weekend on an early morning run with my Dad in his 635csi - great drive down to Portsdown Hill overlooking the Solent for a breakfast bap!

Big Ben

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I was drooling over the looks of your Clio then you hit me with the M!! Stunning


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Nothing much to report other than the rear seatbelts now match the fronts. I thought I could live with them not matching: turns out that it bothered me the entire time I was driving which says more about me than the belts I think!


Managed a drive out to caffeine and machine just before Xmas and lockdown with Tom and his 1M. Good hoon and always funny to see a genuine M legend disappear in the rear view mirrors on the really twisty bits.


I now have 2 sets of 8j cup wheels. Ones with PS4s currently on and Cup2 ones waiting in garage for the sun to arrive in March. Recent weather and lockdown keeping the miles down. Thinking of keeping summer wheels white and either back to black or something else for winter. Wait till they come off and see what I fancy.


Best drive I have had since Xmas/lockdown has been blowing the cobwebs off my 944 and enjoying an early morning drive in very crisp weather. The Clownshoe hasn’t moved much recently either.


Anyway! Here’s to lockdown and winter making way for better times!


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Good day out at Bedford chasing a mates mini

Cup2s give such a massive edge coming out of slow corners - you can get on the power so so early and you can feel the stiff sidewalls keeping the grip - pulls you right round

Clio once again managed the whole day in style



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The pic in the Brands pit garage gave me horrible flashbacks of setting up event kit in them and falling over those bloody steps every time :tearsofjoy:

Awesome car with a nice brace of mods, hope to see it out on track some time!


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The pic in the Brands pit garage gave me horrible flashbacks of setting up event kit in them and falling over those bloody steps every time :tearsofjoy:

Awesome car with a nice brace of mods, hope to see it out on track some time!
May one point I nearly drove off it as I’d forgotten it was there and was going to nip out the other door! So close!!!!!