MarcB's LY Clio 197 F1 R27

Looks loads better with the Speedlines! I used to love the cup alloys but I think they're my least favourite out of all options these days.
So been collecting some bits and bobs for the front end.
Have a common broken front coil spring so decided to get the following

2 x Genuine Cup Shocks
2 x Genuine Cup Springs
2 x Febi Top Mounts
2 x Febi Drop Links
2 x First Link Anti Rotation Links.

Managed to track down my parts manager at a new Renault dealership so the shocks and springs where peanuts.

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I fixed a Clio 200 not so long ago and I have a theory on front spring breakage I did notice the tang that's sits at the end of the spring is a lot taller than it needs to be and because the spring normally breaks at the bottom coil I think the tang can hit the coil above and hammers the coil until it corrodes or cracks it so the last time I cut the tang down to the height of the coil end as it does not need to be higher than that. What do you think?
Might be worth changing the ARB bushes while you have the struts/front suspension out?
Speedlines are still looking sweet. :thumb:
So today seen the new suspension.

Both fronts springs had snapped, One side in 3 places and the other in 2 places.

Today was a case of New springs, Shocks, Top mounts , Drop links and Anti Rotation links.

Also cleaned out all the scuttle panel and drain plugs.

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So spent this afternoon ripping out arches and doing some cleaning at SWR in Stirling.
The stones , Mud & grit at the back of the arches was unreal so managed to get that that all cleaned and taken out.

All wheels off and cleaned inside out, car was then washed and then brought onto the ramp to do a couple of small jobs.

Wee update on the rear.
After months of looking for yellow head rests to go in the carI have managed to get a full rear Cup bench with yellow head rests.

All that’s needed now is rear seat belts to go yellow and that’s the interior complete.


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