MarcB's LY Clio 197 F1 R27

love when people look after their motors..grand job..she will repay you by putting more smiles on your face..
where did you get the front hub assembly from pls??
im sure there are rear pads somewhere in that picture above :tearsofjoy:
top work..your clio will love you for all the ride and steering will improve massively over your old set up..
He had his original ones vapour blasted pav :thumb:
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Well been letting the car slip alot as of late and just use it as a day to day runner now.
The car runs as sweet as a nut with the amount of work (Engine / Suspension / Mechanical) I have put into it but I must say I have lost the love for it.

Last week I decided it was enough of the miltek and plus I have a 200 diffuser with Akra carbon surrounds thats sat for months in the shed and I wanted it on as its a far better look.
So the decision was to chop the miltek system and change the tips or fit a very low milage 200 exhaust system.

For the cost of £8.00 for two exhaust sleeves I went and fitted the Clio 200 exhaust system and saved the Miltek from being chopped and wielded.

Along with that I got all all my spare bottom arms stripped, This was a bit of s puzzle until I went to my garage and there is a couple of easy steps.

1, Take the rubber boot off and grind the ball joint
2, Wield a large nut of the top with some wield inside
3, Buzz it off with a gun and jobs done.

Last but not least there was an oil change with new genuine parts right down to the sump plug and washer.

As always some pictures for viewing.












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So my manifold is now a 7 out of 10 f**ked and its about time I sorted it.

So far I have managed to buy the following for the exhaust.

206515699R x 1 - Exhaust Mount
7703602318 x 1 - Screw / Washer
8200486488 x 1 – Support
8200486487 x 1 – Support
8200444058 x 2 - Exhaust Rubber
7700114234 x 1 - Manifold Gasket
7703034303 x 10 - Manifold Nut ( pack of 10 )
8200477291 x 10 - Manifold Stud ( pack of 10 )

All I need now is a new manifold and then the exhaust set up will be perfect. Im going to be going down the toyosport route as its £170 and my current toyo has been on the car 4 years.

I have also been getting some parts sorted for the 182 Trophy along with 197 bottom arms to rebuild.

197 Bottom Arm 01.JPG 197 Bottom Arm 02.JPG Trophy Parts 04.JPG
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Just made another purchase for the 197.

Cheapest 197 Front Spitter I have seen new and boxed for months is from RPD so grabbed one at the weekend and it should be with me tomorrow.
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So its been a while but now starting to pick up on this daily again.

Car is booked in for a lot of work on 29th with the following parts, All the parts in red are what I have bought from Renault apart from the brake pads as I have a stock of these in the shed.

Timing Belt Kit
End Caps
Water Pump
Aux Belt Kit
Crank Pulley Bolt
Renault Tyde D Coolant x 2
Castrol RN 5W40 x 2
Sump Plug
Sump Plug Washer
Air Filter
Pollen Filter
Spark Plugs x 4

Coolant Temp Sensor

Front R26 Drilled Discs
Front Disc Screws x 4
Front Brembo Pin Kit
Front Brembo Pads
Rear R26 Drilled Discs (30mm Bearing)
Rear Brembo Pads
Rear Hub Nuts x 2
Rear Hub Nut Caps x 2
Rear Handbrake Cable

Rear Handbrake Cable

Front Drop Links x 2
Front Drop Link Nuts x 4

The car is sitting not doing much and I have covered around 1500 miles this year.
I have a set of rear callipers also I need to get stripped and rebuilt to go with the brake overhaul so I will get MS Custom Engineering on the case.

Here is the car as it sits just now even tho the pics are a few months old now.


My next plans for the car after the above are. -

Seatbelts rewebbed ( Yellow Or Red )
Front Spacers
Stud & Nut Conversion

Possibly try and get some speedlines if funds (AKA The wife) allow.
So that's 90% of parts arrived, Just waiting on a couple of other things.

On other news another mile stone as car passed with no advisorys or fails.

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Next up is a set of rear callipers that have been sent away for refurbishment.

They where in a very bad state so cant wait to see the progress pictures and the outcome which I will post.


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