Maidens1979 Clio 200 - clubsport build

Just had a moment. After watching this video
I went out to have a go at the fix as I have a knock when turning the steering wheel. Issue fixed so while I had it all apart
I though I'd go over any nuts and bolts around the column to make sure everything was tight. Found a fair few that needed a little tighten,
then put everything back together.
Went to start the car and nothing but the tick, tick noise and turn steering wheel message and no steering lock.
After a fair bit of messing about I went on google and searched up the steering column lock system and what's it say?

  • Remove the electric steering column lock mounting bolt (8) by turning it clockwise.


The electric steering column lock mounting bolt has a left-hand thread, it is unscrewed in the opposite direction.

And what had I done, turned it clockwise but what was weird is that when doing this it actually tightened.
Anyway turned it anti-clockwise and tightened it up and the car started up straight away :smile:
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