L33th3tr33's Ultra red 197

Gotta start somewhere and I love the way you’re doing the less glamorous tasks as well as the nice bolt on upgrades.
Looks a decent enough base to start from. Shall enjoy reading and watching you spend all your money on her:thumb:
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Belts were done yesterday by Jay at Mendip auto services in Wells, had a brief chat about the overall mechanical condition of the car and as suspected the front end needs a refresh as it feels a bit loose. The ball joints are good for now luckily but the drop links and rotation links need replacing along with the steering arms which has been added to the parts list.
Now I need (want) to stockpile parts to completely refresh the front end, which will be be the next job. I'd like to get a painted/coated subframe and radiator support if possible as well, to hopefully stop corrosion and to keep the only two people that will see it happy, me and the MOT man.
I'll try and take more pics in future, I know I've been lacking but I tend to just crack on with whatever I'm doing, especially when it's cold.