JMR's LY200


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Good job with the maintenance! Just looked back through your thread, the car looks in excellent condition and highlights just how bloody fantastic Liquid Yellow is, especially with the black contrasting parts. What's the mileage on the car now ? (if you don't mind me asking)
Thanks matt

It’s in great condition all round.
It’s on about 64k which is alright for a 62 plate I reckon :sunglasses:

This year maybe the year that we sell it.
I just don’t know if we can let it go though!
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Definitely excellent mileage, I bet there aren’t many unmolested examples left in LY that low.

I want to say now is the best time to sell, but after having had several cars since my R27, my advice is keep it and enjoy owning one of the last pure hot hatches of our time.

Keep us updated with its progress!
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