If you really can get it and you really want it.

Google the download for your device. Plug it into iTunes and do a shift restore.


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No idea, plugged it in to my laptop and clicked update and it now says I've got iOS7. Lost all my music though despite backing it up.
I now have my music back, took a few hours. Though as all I use the iPhone for now is music in the car I wish I hadn't bothered. The music player is nowhere near as good as it was on iOS6.
How are you doing it? On the IOS device or through iTunes?
Its sorted now got the update this morning maybe it was just a bit slow in checking
i actually quite like it, more modern and crisp but the music app is a bit crap, quite hard to use and all my music is there but needs to be downloaded from the cloud first WTF?

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Stupid update.Cant use Siri on ipad neither youtube.Uther than that it's ok


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After a weekend spent on my new 5C playing around with it and IOS7 I can safely say that the update really is superb. Everything is super fast. Anyone else noticed Safari going at warp speed? The "new" control centre is awesome to. The 1 think I loved about my old Galaxy S3.


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In the updates section on the App store, how do you get rid of all the updated on XX/XX/XX stuff?

Same old other than that for me. Not an Apple fan tbh, but the iPad was free so can't complain :wink:


So first the lock screen is compromised to allow access to multi tasking.

Then it's compromised to allow calls to any number

Now it's compromised to fingerprint technology
Have you watched the video posted by apple on the fingerprint technology in the home button. Wouldn't want to break it! And haven't heard of a compromisation with the multitasking feature? I had the first beta and tbh it was ok but then bricked my phone first day in Crete = Not ideal haha


no but its wank, all apple have done increase dpi on existing technology. ANY security system you can not alter the password to is pointless, let alone one that you leave the answer too hundreds of times a day in open public for anyone to copy.