Has your gearbox been replaced? Yes or no?

Have you had the gearbox in your 197 / 200 replaced?

  • No - I'm still running the original gearbox

    Votes: 404 74.1%
  • Yes - I'm running a replacement gearbox

    Votes: 141 25.9%

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From what I gather, 60k and on original box, gears are very slick with no crunching at all.
Lucky boy :smile:

Very hit or miss these boxes....

No rule of thumb regarding age, mileage or even use.

Must say - I do treat mine with the utmost respect though :smile:

Antti O

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I have 105.000km (approx 65000miles?) , original box from 2007.
No any issues. When gearbox is warm everything is smooth with ELF NFP.
07 plate with 82k on the clock and approx 20 track days under its belt... still on original box.

However! - 3rd gear is non existent and it only stays in 4th on very light throttle. I'll click on the 'Yes' option once it gets replaced in a few weeks

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Just had my main shaft bearings replaced at 64k, synchros were inspected but no faults found with them... so still on the original box :smile:
Where'd you get that done Wid if you don't mind me asking?
I have 2006 year RS 197 with original box. 96 000 km. Box works great cold and warm. Next week oil change and many more happy times ahead (fingers crossed :smiley: ).
Original box in mine. 09 plate coming up on 70k and it's now started to crunch going into 4th :worried: last two months or so, and the last few weeks it's got progressively worse, to the point where I'm skipping forth gear altogether, 3rd straight to 5th and same coming down.

Anyone know what sort of price tag I'll be looking at to get it repaired?$?$

Just did a quick search on the inter webs for a new gear box.......... £660! Steep? Steal? Fair?
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As far as I know, I’m still on the original box. 2007 with 55,000 miles.

No issues whatsoever, that’s the kiss of death right there now!

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When I first test drove mine (4-5 weeks ago) noticed 3rd gear crunch straight away at 45k miles. The car had been looked after well from what I can see, has FSH from Renault garages.

The dealer's garage did a rebuild on it before I picked it up. Feels solid now in all gears, touch wood, and hopefully no issues again.
Hi all,

I've been wanting to buy 197 for some time now after beeing mesmerized by only one drive in one.

Been reading last 2 days about this horror gearbox stories. Has there been a solution, does anyone know the
"uprated" parts number(if there is such a thing) for syncros 3th and 4th gear?

Another member posted this picture many pages before, and this seems to be a brass one.

On this parts page I see what appears to be a "steel" one rather than brass, but no part numbers.
Could this be a solution?

I can do the job of replacing syncros myself but don't wanna do this every few months if I'm again putting
melting stuff with the same quality.




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The 4th gear synchro went after about 38k in my old 197 cup. I replaced the gearbox in that.

Now in another 197 on 27k and its all good at the moment (as you'd expect!), going to change the gearbox oil regularly.

So a vote for both for me.. :think:


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Still original as far as I'm aware, nursing it on 89k with a slight crunch on 3rd...I will get it sorted...or I'll just chuck a Meg in it when it inevitably goes bang...
I had a crunch in 3rd until I changed the box oil, it's still got the crunch when really pushing it but I got a spare box not long after getting the car just in case, it's sat in the shed waiting for the day I need it.

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