Harespeed LY Clio 200

So I've put the standard wheels back on now to stop using the AD08s in the winter and my gosh the car looks terrible now, haha. Next summer I'll completely refurbished them so they don't look too bad for next winter.c7cbd76b130664c9b8e73e91a1164017.jpgaa5f47297e8eb36a882bfb667af78fee.jpg9dfb7ba3289f1f597f39b00b9ef00c9a.jpgbe359096db1af6259c385012de563dcb.jpg
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Look like space savers compared to your summer wheels

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So after a quick wash today I decided to do a little weight saving and replace the badge with a sticker, haha. I'm happy with the result!
I also have a secret small purchase happening on Monday that I'm really looking forward to.
And I have a wiper delete in my garage to sort out that I hope to get sorted this month.108cbe1889f71b95e05da662a1cae562.jpg18bb70688aefad53909ab68ba3a5f97b.jpgc705fc4e3aad9817c233d282fe88d43c.jpg
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