Harespeed LY Clio 200

Hi all, just thought I'd quickly start a thread given that I've just taken ownership of a pretty sorted liquid yellow Clio 200. Only had chance for a wash today given the weather but here's what it came with......

Akrapovic Exhaust
Bilstein B14 Coilovers
OZ Ultraleggeras wrapped in AD08R
KTR Air Filter
Cup Spoiler
Corbeau Bucket Seats
OMP steering wheel
Braided Brake Lines

There's not a great lot I need/can afford to do right now but I will leave this here for when I do or when I'm finally able to give her a proper clean and photo shoot.

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Lovely! Very similar to mine in terms of modifications, would like B14’s at some stage!


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Very nice! Sounds an already sorted motor, not a lot I would change bar maybe a few Powerflex engine mounts and a remap.

Whats your plans for it?
Thanks all, no idea yet where I want to go with it but I'll get it figured out. I'd say it's just small cosmetic bits to start as we're buying a house but once it's settled down then further plans will come including track days but the engine mounts sound like a good plan as well as the remap.

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Here's a couple of pics of the seats. They are bolted to fixed sparco fixings but can be converted to runners. Harnesses would be better but they work well with the seatbelts. The omp steering wheel compliments them well however I do feel that I personally could prefer standard recaros and a standard steering wheel but I can see this set up (with harnesses too) being a massive benefit for track days.38e9ba4e5b88a98dc899d51b2958ac07.jpg35260eb65cfb87847ae5fc08ad78d5ea.jpg05251f96636ab3b3832f4a99e22d1dac.jpgc9b86b18964cabb9f72ad1d3993511e3.jpg

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Oh and you're also sat a lot lower in the car with this set up, even after sitting in some recaros.

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adam thomas

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thanks for the pics mate they look awesome , I think I could manage them in a track prepped car ! they look like club sports if im right ?