Good and Bad news for our Ring Trip

Stay in the citys....

I stay in Koblenz which is only a 25min drive, has fantastic restaurants, bars and nightclubs (for high quality German Techno), better than sat in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do lol :smile:

Bonn isnt too far either, but thats not as lively as Koblenz


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We had the RSOC lot there at the same time as us last year, and actually, they didn't all go on the track at once!

I went on at the worst possible time, first thing in the morning of the day of the England vs Germany match......not meaning to dwell on things but

4 -1

Anyway, they are a good lot of people, Nathan going with us knows a couple of them too, and I dare say edd1e on here knows them too!


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Have any of you tried Eddie for a booking yet? I am going on "here say" with regards to availability!

Try e-mailing the Hotel an der Nordschleife to see if there is anything, and let us know :smile:
I can't speak for apartments at the An Der Nordschleife, but Eddie has confirmed to me that there are no single rooms available for this weekend. I have booked a twin room instead.

Ferry and hotel done. Can't wait!!!

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