Getting rid of the white stuff

Hey there. Just need some advice. What is the best way of getting rid of the white marks that u get on the plastics if some polish get on them? Can do pics if you don't get what I mean.
Tried auto finesse revive and looks ok for a few hours. Then comes back.
Thankx in advance.
I use the af revive on mine too. It worked first time for me.May need to be worked in well a couple times buddy!
A bit of an old thread, but I detailed my car yesterday, I had white polish marks over the plastic trims (done by previous owner) my mate gave me a Autoglym Magic sponge, this little sponge is amazing, took the marks of straight away with little effort. Highly recommended
Autoglym Glass Cleaner & a bug sponge, the glass cleaner is the aerosol version. Simply spray on and use the bug sponge to agitate the plastic. Just be careful near any paintwork, that what I use if a customer has polished their own car and hit the bumpers or trim when I valet.