Fast road setup- wider track

Want to make a few changes to have a fast setup for road use. The car is my daily so I don't want to mess with the suspension too much( the roads around here are s**t, driving in the moon surface would be better) what would be better to use... 8j wheels or to physically increase the track and have 7.5j wheels and then spacers, what would be better considering its a daily? Did anyone run spacers and notice better handling? same question for wheels. What setups is everyone else running for fast road use? Sorry for so many questions but I want to get this setup done while I've got some free time, cheers :smile:
Wheel track is measured from centre points of the tyres, so going to 8" from 7.5" will not change the track. Changing the track is altering offsets/adding spacers to physically distance the wheel centres.

Personally I run 2 sets of standard 7.5" 200 Cup wheels as they're cheap and lighter than either the 7.5" or 8" Speedline options.
Were I arsed about changing wheels though, I'd likely go the Braid route - Fullrace A, 17x8, ET 55. And possibly consider moving to a 235/40/17.
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I have a feeling (and I may be wrong) that cup racers run 10mm stub spacers on rear and 5mm spacers on front. Its still out for debate as to whether spacers make it handle better.

As above, 200 cup wheels are 1kg lighter per alloy than 197 wheels/speedlines.
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