Clubsport 250 Cup


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I won’t bore you with the back story, but I will chuck a couple of photos up so you can see the difference between the first time I drove the Clio, and the last.



26th August 2018 to 23rd September 2022.
Been a great car over the years, but kinda got to the point where I was getting a little bored, and hated how bad it drove on the road.

I really wanted to go RWD, but everything even semi interesting is mega money. As a second resorted, I posted up on the Meg pages asking if anyone had a 250 for sale within my budget.
A lad reached out to me and offered me a price I just couldn’t say no to.



I’ve a few bits I need to sort. First of all is getting the narrow boi seats out and fitting my chonkers Sparco.


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First annoyance, is I need a pair of tyres!

I did the smart thing when going to view it, whereby I made my mind up instantly instead of checking over thoroughly. So I’ve a pair of PS4S coming from Camskill.

Along with that, I’ve ordered some replacement bluestuff rear pads, as the calliper has seized on at some point and worn one side down completely.
I’ve also bought some of the nice SW Motorsport seat bases (only drivers side for now) so I can actually fit my wide seat properly.
The car already has Wheeler direct to floor mounts, but only 3 of the holes line up because of the seat size.
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Good, sounded like you sold it. I know at least three people that went from a Clio to a Megane but are back in a Clio now. Two of them in Meglios. :smile:


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And this is why it’s important to service every new car you purchase.
Also fitted a set of new bluestuff rear pads, but in desperate need of a new calliper as it took a lot of effort to wind back in and had worn massively uneven.

All loaded up ready for tomorrow. Definitely a little trickier to load compared to the Clio - it barely fits between the trailer wheel arches.