GW 200 CUP (clubsport->racecar->v2)


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Inspired by some of the great project threads on here thought I would start my own having just purchased a GW cup on 58k miles. Purchased completely standard (tricky find) and want to keep it so minus a few improvements to allow track days, as I currently own a mountune ST with my Dad which have tracked for the past 2 years but wanted a project for myself.


First thoughts are great, sharp steering (goes where you point it), no turbo lag, pedals are perfect and super light compared to what I am used to. However wife thinks I am mad having come from an s3 but I have had more fun in three weeks than my entire ownership of that boring car..


- Gearbox oil change to Redline MTL thanks to the guide on here, massive difference as changes are now silky smooth and very additive!
- Brake fluid / clutch bleed
- Clutch grease (annoying click on pedal release driving me mad)
- Oil / filter change
- Akrapovic exhausts system (sounds great)


Inside cleaned


Where I am currently on the deep clean..



- Tyre change from budget uniroyals to either PS4 or advans (currently use on ST)
- Pad change to ferodo
- Potential rear bench removal / clubsport look
- Enjoy it
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+1 on the nice colour :thumb:

not sure if it's because its late but your steering wheel seems to be a lot thinner than mine, you know if its been retrimmed at all?

look forward to the journey mate!
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Cheers, it seems like you guys are holding on to the good ones and prices seem to be increasing daily so happy to get this as its rust free and I can't find any issues.. yet :thumb:

+1 on the nice colour :thumb:

not sure if it's because its late but your steering wheel seems to be a lot thinner than mine, you know if its been retrimmed at all?

look forward to the journey mate!

Standard and doesn't look to have been retrimmed forgot to mention but plate is 60, was planning on getting snappy to work his magic eventually.

Random question but does anyone know if the side skirts (renault sport part) can be easily removed for cleaning?
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The Cups came with the standard Clio steering wheel unlike the Full Fats and cup packed clios, not sure why :think:

To save weight, no cruise control, no speed limited, less material on wheel (non-Cup wheels, which was thicker), no coating on dash, no keyless entry.
Basically they wanted to make the lightest possible version. Why they then offered "cup pack" on non-cups, so you could gain the stiffer suspension etc but still retain all the creature comforts.
Had some great fun yesterday at Goodwood pushing the GT4's around the track, coming from 6 pots and advans it was interesting to say the least but was matching the pace of my dad in the ST! I saw stripped out red 197 but didn't get to speak to him so not sure if he is on here?

Need to get some clips from the Focus but this was me finding out what lift off oversteer is :laughing:

Quick update, had another afternoon at Goodwood and it was a disaster as my tyres where dead and front brakes non existent.


So I have now picked up and fitted the following:

- Ferodo ds1.11
- Brembo HC disks
- Mitchelin PS4 (£380 fitted from blackcircles with the 15% discount they where offering last week)


I have now removed the rear seats, I was going to purchase the KTEC long mat but I think it looks a bit odd so opted for some £15 Amazon special acoustic carpet and pretty happy with the result. However I think I will try and source something a bit thicker as I don’t think this will last but at least I now have a template for the rear.

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Cheers @PITA I have some samples for something that is more hard wearing so might change it as I don't think it will last long but it's certainly the look I want.

Managed to do a few things from the how to's during the light evenings we have had including full throttle body and PCV valve clean, the body was very dirty so was satisfying cleaning it all up:

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 08.09.17.png

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 08.09.27.png

Probably a placebo but it feels a lot more responsive at the lower revs :thumb:

I have had the 'low battery' warning light a few times (disappears soon after) so did a contact clean and general tidy up, amp-meter is telling me the voltage is good and I believe I have the correct alternator installed (its only a year old according to the previous owner) so hoping the contact clean solves it:

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 08.12.51.png

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 08.13.14.png

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 08.13.34.png

To cut a long story short I cooked my brakes on the first run by underestimating the bedding in procedure of ds1.11, so a quick sand (120) and a proper bedding in session has solved the issue, you can see how bad they where before/after cleaning up, the disks also required some clean up (1000 grit):

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 08.36.48.png

Also took the front bumper off to get a better look of how I can get some cooling ducts installed (thanks for the advice), it seems the Cup bumper is exactly the same but I just need the fog light plates.

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 08.38.52.png

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 08.39.03.png
Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 08.39.21.png

However I have been distracted by the purchase of some spare alloys from here, just cleaned them up and about to be wrapped in some expensive rubber, either AR-1 or DZ03G, having @APM 10 minutes down the road is proving dangerous..

Screenshot 2021-04-28 at 08.42.27.png

Had a quick afternoon session at Goodwood where I have dropped my time from 1.39 to a quickest of 1.36.9, certainly more to come off as I was being careful on the brakes and the PS4's where getting way too hot. It took the megane (semi slicks and fully stripped) almost the entire run to finally get close enough to pass but when he does you can see why...

Few updates since my last post
  • New alternator fitted from RPD + belt and tensioner (no more low battery warnings!)
  • Smaller washer fluid bottle (already stopped working)
  • PS-20 (equivalent) lithium battery, soooo light and no issues starting (so far)
  • Stud and nut conversion from TRS
  • Set of AR1’s on the spare wheels

Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 07.46.31.png Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 07.46.09.pngScreenshot 2021-06-01 at 07.46.19.png

Currently waiting on
  • Engine oil (reached 2k miles since purchased)
  • Corvette brake cooling ducts (no idea if this will work)
  • Hel braided lines / Motul 660
  • Rear discs and pads (ds2500)
  • AST5100 / adjustable drop links / new bushes all round
Planning on fitting everything but the coilovers as I am getting naduk to do full geo setup and corner weighting.

Had another great session at Goodwood on Friday, I set myself a target of a 1:35 before the end of the year but with the AR1’s I have shot past that with a best of 1:34:62, new target of 1:30:0 set (very ambitious as anything sub 1:30 is race car / GT3 territory)

184668926_2195843297215605_1302524122417705682_n 2.JPG


(tiny bit of body roll)

Not sure if anyone has done this before but here is a table of mods/changes vs lap times:

TrackWeight SavingModificationsTimePercentage
GoodwoodRear benchakra + ds1.11 + PS41.36.97
GoodwoodRear benchakra + ds1.11 + AR-11.34.62

On the day I was only overtaken by a GT4 and Clubsport S, however the Porsche got black flagged for overtaking me in the 120mph braking zone! Very stupid as it gets tight leading into the corner, I purposely didn’t invite him to overtake as he had come from a long way back, he had already overtaken a caterham on the same straight, I was quicker than him through this section and the finish straight was coming up which is nice and safe for an overtake but he went for it anyway..

As you can see he is already on the brakes before the 200 board where I normally brake at the 100 board..

Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 07.43.03.png
Half a lap later and they hadn't got far..

Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 07.44.08.png

Brands hatch next week, be good to set a benchmark time before the coilovers get fitted, used to be around the 59s in the focus.
It's a Porsche driver thing, I was left for dust on the straights yesterday at Snetterton but all over them like a fat pigeon on a chip through the twisty bits.

Car's looking really good too!
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It's a Porsche driver thing, I was left for dust on the straights yesterday at Snetterton but all over them like a fat pigeon on a chip through the twisty bits.

Car's looking really good too!
Donington is notorious for that too