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"the new red baron"
I think its becoming more an issues due to the ages of some of the cars now!

build up of crap over 4-6yrs...


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Cheers for the heads up on this, cleared mine today, completely blocked it was like a swimming pool under there :blush:hmy: I noticed something was up when my wipers were on the clock display went all weird, you've just saved me a lot of money!!! thanks again
Just cleared mine, wipers were a pain to get off to start with doesn't look like they've been off for a while, if ever!! I was then greeted with what can only be described as a lake, one wire coat hanger later and all flowing nicely.

Certainly something to keep an eye on, thanks for the heads up.
As my 197 has only done 20000 and largely stored in garage I thought I would poor some water directly down the drain holes first, b4 attempting this procedure . Both holes looked clear from what I could see, the water came freely through and exited somewhere behind each wheel arch underneath. Is this normal or should the water/ pipe flow down directly vertical from the drain hole?
Did mine and found about an inch of water on both sides, seems to have helped with the problem of the windows steaming up on the inside all the time. Thanks for the heads up on this, will be something I do periodically now. Things like this is why I think the money spent on membership here is money very well spent :thumbup1:


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This somehow seems to be an english problem... :smiley:
I never read anything about this in our cliors.de, for example my clio has covered 75tkm and they're still fine.

But I will be checking the panels more often now! Thanks guys! :wink:


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Starting to get worried now!! Was halfway through reading this thread and nipped out for a takeaway and when I got in the car central locking keeps on cycling itself!!! Need to check this 1st thing in the morning, maybe my head just playing tricks on me! Cheers for the heads up guys.


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Chris, rip up the passenger side carpet, and if you find the foot well in water...then well....

Its the alarm I've had issues with.


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Cleaned mine out today. Literally a 15 min job. The passengers side was ok, still gave it a blast down with the pressure washer. However there was a huge puddle on the drivers side. I gave that a blast and now all draining well. Hopefully I didn't leave it too late. Not had any electric problems so fingers crossed.

Do it now if you havent already!!!
I owe you a pint my friend. Decided to spend this sunny Saturday outside cleaning the 200 and thought I'd check drainage. I thought it would be alright as it looked dead clean under the bonnet, but I was very wrong.

Driver's side was completely blocked..like completely blocked..and passenger's side was pretty grimy. Used a wire coat hanger and some warm water to clear it out. I then spent ages cleaning all the muck from around the drains and suspension top mounts. My glacier white looked closer to a deep black around them! Spent about 4 hours cleaning under the bonnet, and the underside of the bonnet itself. Drainage is very fast and very clean now.

Could have been a very different story though so thank you mate!
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While I was doing some bits on the Clio tonight, I thought I would just check under the scuttle panel. Glad I did as the drivers side was full again


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My drain blocked and the wording loom cover had split therefore all the water went straight into my wiring loom my hole car shorted itself out.

Luckily I found the problem by fault finding and I replaced the cover ( plastic sleeve and some tape ) dried it out with a heat gun and unblocked the pipe and haven't had any problem scince