** Clio Owners PLEASE read HIGHLY IMPORTANT **

Anyone with a Clio please just take a minute and read this it might just save you a small fortune.

After recently posting a How to guide on how to clean your scuttle panel and the surrounding area's its come to light that if you have a blockage on the passengers side drain that there is a strong possibility of water gathering around the electrics and ruining them.

A few members on here have recently had this issue and I understand the damage can be quite costly. I don't know exactly how much but I've heard figures of £1,000+

Please check your drainage holes beneath the scuttle panel if you haven't already.

Link HERE or HERE for what to do

- Jack
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Good advice Jack. One thing I did yesterday was pour some water down the passenger side drain and checked it came out on the ground below, which it did. So as a quick check without taking the wipers off, plastic panel etc, get a torch, locate the drain hole, you can see it through the plastic panel, use a watering can or water bottle and pour some water down it, see where it goes.

Can't do the same on the drivers side I don't think as I couldn't see the drain hole.

I would still advise to fully remove the wipers, panel etc and give it all a good clean at some stage.

Cheers .... Simon.
Good idea [MENTION=3516]deadmau5[/MENTION]
[MENTION=49763]Rotoryboy[/MENTION] I really do recommend everyone does it.
Yes indeed and good call, that's why I'm doing mine very often. I've heard this happening to other cars as well..
Well I decided to nip out and do it now. Glad I did. Both sides full to the brim



Cheers for the heads up guys. This could have ended up expensive
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Am I right in thinking that what the arrow is pointing at is the drain...

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Jesus christ!

I thought it was, that's ridiculous! Well all sorted now hope the electrics were ok?
Hmmm, my car is sat on the drive whilst I'm at Uni.

Getting a tad worried about this after all the SHOCKING weather :worried:
I think this is a good idea..

When I had trouble with the wipers I went through cleaning the gutters out.. if you look at the actual rubber pipes the water flows through they have a stopper/lip at the bottom. .
Another Renault site...not clio sport :thumbsup: suggested cutting these off too reduce sludge build up..
I done this during the summer and I have no build...yet
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Sorry guys not trying to steal anyone's thunder.

Didn't see the previous post and just wanted to warn members

I don't think anyone is trying to take any glory for this. I think it should be a sticky in the newbie section. I am new and it was this thread that made me check. With new owners coming along all the time other threads are easily missed.

This needs to be a check within the first week of ownership IMO