CLIO 197 CUP - Project TF

Nice write up, don't get hung up on times too much. All it takes is for someone to get in the way a couple of times per lap and you've lost 10-20 seconds that you'll never get back, and you risk over-driving to get it back. 8:59 is a respectable time for the mods you have, shit, I only did 8:44 and I've spent a billion quid on go-faster bits*

* I was held up several times on this lap and I'm gunning for sub 8:30 in a few weeks, but let's not talk about that
Thanks mate, I appreciate it. But you're right regarding timing. The weird thing is that on UK track days I never really time and just enjoy being on track chasing after others.

I will keep an eye out for your arms going up for sale as well.
I have not done a Ring trip yet, but do plan on doing it at some point in the future. Track days will probably not give you the special feel about a Ring trip as you don't have social engagement with the long drive over and the long drive back, or the food and beers with your mates. But on the right day, with the right cars on track, it is difficult to beat chasing another car as fast as you can go without losing control.
I would honestly recommend it. Ring trips are possibly the most fun I've had with cars but then again I think you might right in what you say. This being linked to food, beers and mates and feel of the place rather than solely driving. I think I need to a trackday with more people that will chase and follow and see how I feel.

And also get to some more uk tracks as it is realistically quite shallow currently.

Blyton Park
Donington Park
Cadwell Park
Mallory Park.
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Other thing I wanted to mention that we did whilst over there was spend some time on the esports bar simulators. As let’s face it everyone on this forum is drawn to the idea of big boys toys and don’t want anyone feeling annoyed like I did with these if you’re on a future trip.

Whilst quite fun it wasn’t really my cup of tea. I spend countless hours on Gran Turismo but this felt a waste. It was a good experience I guess but at 30 euros for 30 mins I feel slightly short changed. Especially considering that for 5 eur more I can drive the track for real or put towards a taxi lap.

The sims in the boulevard are much better value imho and for 10eur for 30mins are a tad better value too. Though they don’t move like these units.

Bought some more photos from race tracker today. Could easily spend a fortune on that website!
Plfantzgarten flightish
I’m thinking about getting the last one printed as a canvas as I like it that much.

As a lot of you might do as well, I sit questioning myself why do I mess about with cars and more so trackdays. It adds stress to my life and takes up so much time. Like tonight I’m cutting up and splicing a harness that I’ve been given to fit an aftermarket stereo to the clio (for my banging tunes init). But I look and see how much I enjoy the building side of things even when it doesn’t go right; probably more so as I love problem solving and finding solutions. Then when I have a trackday/ trip in the car it all comes together. I honestly don’t think there’s a better a feeling.
I think it’s normal having a bit of a hump between days. I’m exactly the same myself.

I’d be considering selling up, just buying 1 decent car instead of multiple crap ones…… I’d do a day, and then spend the following week on the PMS website looking at what additional mods I could buy :tearsofjoy:

You should get a track day booked over at the ring. TF scares the shit out of me nowadays
I’m glad it’s not just me then!

A trackday at the ring is soemthing I would love to do now I think. Looking at spending around 500eur on tf laps last trip has really put it into perspective for me. As the price as always been prohibitive for me. The other thing is that none for the lads seem fussed about doing one. So I’m a bit out on my own sadly.
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You’ll have to get persuading! They will definitely change their preferences once they’ve done one.

@R20BTG and myself are over there at the end of June for the Circuit Days date. There’s usually a bigger group of us which head over, but everyone’s been really flakey recently.

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I’ll get bullying! Persuading doesn’t always yield positive results ahahah. I think it might be a case of me doing one and getting them over with me.

Sounds good. Hope you both have a good time! Not jealous at all.

Out of interest how many laps do you tend to do on a track day?
Depends how many red flags there are :tearsofjoy:

I usually aim for 20 or so. It’s the insurance implications which drive me to doing track days as opposed to TF.
The way I look at it, is I could probably afford a 10-20k barrier repair, but I absolutely couldn’t afford to fix someone’s Mclaren when they go off on TF because of some fluids I’ve dropped.
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Just as sidenote. It isn't Bongard anymore that does the towing there. It's a company called Lenz. But it still should count towards the "Bongard Club" membership if you've to call them.
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