CLIO 197 CUP - Project TF


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Really happy with how the photos have come out from the track day. Was slightly worried as Opentrack have parted ways with Rob Baxter for photos so was wondering who was stepping up to the plate. Though I am gutted that I still haven't got any RB photos of any car on track.

The main frustration I found from the day was dealing with me being new the clio still and having to realise that the car hasn't got as much done to it as what my mini did. Being more "fast road" spec than anything currently. That being said, after recalibrating my mind to think like this I am begging to really enjoy the car for what it is currently. So much so I'm questioning whether to put the buckets in yet!

To myself, I have always said that this year is going to be "stage 1" for building the car. With the most important thing for me being seat time and actually enjoying the car rather than just working on it or having it down to being broken. I must say though that so far it has achieved the simple seat time stallion part I wanted. With Cadwell on Monday easily being the most track time I have had for one day; despite the adverse weather.

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Must say I really do like the last photo!

Also massive thanks to JWS Developments in Chesterfield for getting the car set up. Handles amazingly well and really impressed with it. If you're local I would definitely get Jon to set your car up. It isn't cheap but it is worth it. I've worked with him before on mini and have not been disappointed.