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    Recently had my TDC sensor play up so rather than spend £70 getting the car recovered and then wait 3 weeks for it to be fixed I called up Khalid who is a mobile mechanic who specialises in Renaults. I have used him before to correct the mileage on a set of 200 clocks.

    He came around, plugged his laptop in and talked me through what he was doing on CLIP. He tested the fuel pump to see if that was the problem but it wasn't. Then he proceeded to check the rpm reading from the TDC whilst cranking the car, and this is when the culprit was found. It was great getting a better look into CLIP as most mechanics will simply get the job done without really talking to the owner about what the problem was.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Khalid to anyone who needs a mobile mechanic, or to someone who does simply not have the time to go to their nearest specialist. He is definitely a hidden gem with excellent customer service and the knowledge/experience to back it up. His details can be found on his website:
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