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Noticed the front right tyre looked "odd" this morning when I gave the car a good wash. This is what it looks like.

Would you run that again? This was a result of running the Cup 2s at 36 PSI hot.

common wear on the cup 2's. had it on the two sets i ran myself and saw it on other clio's.
here's a link to page 10 of my progress thread. look for post #185, there's two photos in there. one of the front tyre (36 PSI hot) and one of the rear tyre (33 PSI hot).

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The car performed flawlessly. I gave it a good hammering. The dodgy tyre damage from the previous track day has now evened up on the passenger side (This was the opposite direction to the 1st day).

At the weekend I fitted the Josh Weeler steering rack lowering spacers. The wheel did sit a tad high at its lowest setting as I have the lowering kit fitted to the driver seat. Sits just right now. Also got myself a ZPO gearknob. It nicely matches the Renault yellow dash strips.



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So yesterday we had the 200 on track for the first time this year.

The only change on the car is on the tyre front. Swapped my destroyed Cup 2s for some Yoko AD-08RS. I did want R-888Rs but couldn't find stock at the time. I am also still waiting on PMS on their exhaust system coming back into stock, I have though taken delivery of the manifold.

Yesterday was a 4 hour open pitlane event with heavy rain forecast for 1030 so I made the most of the dry first 90 mins and just stayed out (only pitting to check tyre pressures 3 or 4 times) with periodic cool down laps. Once the heavy rain arrived I bailed.

Gotta ride those kerbs:

Car was awesome. One thing I did notice was that the AD-08Rs' squeal shockingly when pushed to the limit.


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Such a fantastic colour.
I think the old AD08 made quite a bit of noise too. They were a great hard wearing tyre though
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Since the last update the car has had the Pure Motorsport engine back exhaust system fitted (Manifold, Sports cat and resonator). Today I finally got the car remapped today also by Paul at RS Tuning. The flat spot was horrific and had robbed some of the enjoyment from the car. Paul said that the PMS manifold is the one that effects these cars the most before mapping and wasn't surprised it was running like a dog.

The car was mapped by the previous owner (When it had only a K-Tec cat back fitted) but not sure which company done it, though there was a K-Tec dyno graph in amongst all the car paperwork so could have been done by those guys.

Graphs for reference:


Flat spot doesn't look like it was too bad before Paul's efforts today but the difference is night and day. I can now get back to enjoying the car.
Can you still feel some hesitation from 2500 to 4000? Still, should be miles better for putting arround which is what it makes you want to sell it or keep it :smile:

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