2006 Deep Black weekend warrior. Clubsport money pit!

Nick - what pressures would you suggest for hard compound MRF ZTE tyre at Snetterton for a Clio with a Gripper carrying a driver and a passenger?
What is the passenger weight and C of G please, and also their last 4 meals? Will you be putting genuine, native, Norfolk air in or will it be imported from another county? We generally have problems with Northern Air as it contaminated with Whippet and Carbolic soap pollution and generally is a bit grim. Will you be filling the tyres clockwise or anticlockwise? Anticlockwise is generally better on the front, but only if you turn right out of the garages, if turning left, you definitely need clockwise fill! Take care if it is Dave on Pit Lane exit and he is actually a demonic manifestation and the the air around him is very cold, and the reduction in tyre pressure because of this can cause damage if you run curbs too soon. We recommend at least another lap and a half warm up and crucifixes in each rear window, ideally running Holy Water in the rad.
With all this considered, and allowing for the "Northern Air compensation factor of 1.2034 then and front air pressure of 31.6295psi, assuming anticlockwise air, and 33.193psi rear would prevent any visitations from Dave, especially if using Holy Water.