My 2006 Deep Black 197


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So here it is. Hopefully I'll keep this thread updated but I'm not very good at that because I don't really do much in the way of modifications... I rarely clean my cars either so we'll have to see how this goes! :think:

Because I know it makes you all cringe to see a dirty car...
(Excuse the missus's dirty 1.2 Mk2... She loves it though!)

I know, minging right? So today as it was good weather I broke out the cleaning products. I don't go as far as "detailing" but I go a bit further than throwing some water over it and calling it a day like my missus does! :tearsofjoy:

I need to replace the faded 'leccy tape as it's brown and not red now. At least I assume the previous owner was going for the French flag anyway...

So far the mods include... H&R Lowering springs and some 20mm spacers. Also removed the old Cabasse Auditorium head unit and changer, so I can have Bluetooth and USB connectivity. I can do a How To on that if anyone needs it.

It needs a machine polish at some point, it's had a bit of work done as there's some overspray on the bottom of the drivers door and there's a few marks here and there, interior needs a bit of love but it'll take time! The dealer I bought it from has left polish all over the black trim which needs addressing too. One step at a time! :smiley:
Amazing what a bit of soap and water can do!

Welcome to the forum Martin

Found out the KTEC filter is already in my airbox. Saves me a few quid.

On another note, with the projector headlights, I found Osram Nightbreakers were a bit pants. Just swapped them for some Philips Xtreme Vision 3700k ultra whites. They still look yellow but they're brighter... So we'll see tonight!

I suppose if I actually shared the image properly it'd make more sense

Looks fairly new too, doesn't have the usual split rubber edge that I often read about. I'll eventually swap it out for an ITG panel or similar but that will do for now
This weekends project is wheel related. I keep seeing pictures of another members 197 in black with black wheels so I thought I'd do mine the same, it does look rather mean. I went with a satin black but I'll probably end up putting a decent gloss lacquer over it. I got the satin paint cheap from work :smiley:

Not perfect but eventually these are going to become track wheels, they're kerbed and a bit gross so they'll one day have a set of track tyres thrown on.
Once they'd dried the paint had crazed a little in places which wasn't ideal but given that they're not show and shine wheels, I'm ok with it.

Took her out for a spirited drive along the North Norfolk coast tonight too. SOOOOO MUCH FUN!
Will be cleaned tomorrow but I think the wheels looks alright for a first attempt at a refurb.
Satin black is correct original spec for these Speedline wheels. That said I do agree with you that perhaps gloss looks better!
Pretty good effort from a rattle can mate.

Detailers on here will have heart attack when they see the dirt on your car:grinning:
This was the road that did it. Such a filthy road but so rewarding. You can pretty much do the whole thing only using 2nd 3rd and 4th. :french:


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Wheels are finished and I gave it a good clean today.


I'm still not 100% on the satin black wheels yet. Time will tell but I have my eye on another set so we shall see...

I finally broke into my Meguairs cleaning kit today. I'm impressed. I've always used cheap, bulk products when I was valeting for an accident repair site.

I did break out the T-Cut to get rid of some swirl marks, I wouldn't normally but the other kit I have is a bit harsh to use by hand. I need a polisher...
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