Front wing NSF Clio 197 Year 2006


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Any tips on how to remove the front offside wing (If anyone has a RED one:smile:

All looks a bit of a mess down there

Arch liner seems ripped and some missing, front undertray hanging off and bits missing, and wing cracked and misshapen

Spect i will replace the lot- might be the reason of a slight rubbing sound last few month
wings can be a little bit of a pain depending on if your plastics are nice or not.

there are two white bolts/clips that go along the top of the wing just inside the bonnet area, more of these go up underneath the bit of plastic trim that comes down the side from the top of the windscreen into the top of the bonnet/scuttle drains area.

use some slow levering to find where the clips are underneath this to be able to get to the remain bolts that are underneath this along the top side of the wing.

there are 3 bolts you need to get from inside the door shut area and then 1 at the very back where it connects on the sills, might need to get the wheel on opposite lock to get a screwdriver on that one.

I cannot remember if there were anymore inside the wheel well itself, but I think they are more for just connecting the arch liners to something rather that holding the arch itself on.

from the front there is also a bracket that hold the wheel arch out, make sure that is in one piece or make sure to ask for this bit when buying another wing otherwise it will flap about
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