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Nick - what pressures would you suggest for hard compound MRF ZTE tyre at Snetterton for a Clio with a Gripper carrying a driver and a passenger?
What is the passenger weight and C of G please, and also their last 4 meals? Will you be putting genuine, native, Norfolk air in or will it be imported from another county? We generally have problems with Northern Air as it contaminated with Whippet and Carbolic soap pollution and generally is a bit grim. Will you be filling the tyres clockwise or anticlockwise? Anticlockwise is generally better on the front, but only if you turn right out of the garages, if turning left, you definitely need clockwise fill! Take care if it is Dave on Pit Lane exit and he is actually a demonic manifestation and the the air around him is very cold, and the reduction in tyre pressure because of this can cause damage if you run curbs too soon. We recommend at least another lap and a half warm up and crucifixes in each rear window, ideally running Holy Water in the rad.
With all this considered, and allowing for the "Northern Air compensation factor of 1.2034 then and front air pressure of 31.6295psi, assuming anticlockwise air, and 33.193psi rear would prevent any visitations from Dave, especially if using Holy Water.
Update from the May bank holiday session at Snetterton. Mr Northern YouTuber man has publicly dropped the video review of my car. Safe to say he enjoyed himself!

Session 1 was wet. Session 2 also wet, he came over to me towards the end of the day when the track had dried out and took the car out for around 12 laps I think. He's always been fairly vocal about his preferences towards JDM/German cars but the little Clio held its own and performed brilliantly.
My favourite part of the video was about 26 minutes in when Danny starts saying, “Something just fell off…”

He clearly liked the car and thought it was quite capable.
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Not much to report as of late. Only a few little bits.
I had to pick up a new seat, my Sabelt was decent to begin with but now the car is more capable, I end up with fairly meaty bruises on my thighs where the side of the seat digs in. So in keeping with everyone else on here, a Corbeau Pro Series-X was purchased, but only the GRP/Kevlar one, not the fancy Carbon or carbon/kevlar one.
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-24 at 07.07.06.jpg
Ended up needing to get new seat mounts too, the SW Motorsports ones didn't have the size in the slots for the M10 fixings on the new seat.
Also gave these new pads a go too
Got to say, for an EBC product I was very impressed. A step up from my normal PBS Prorace pads, they took an absolute hammering and there wasn't a hint of fade throughout the day, the same couldn't be said for new tyres though...WhatsApp Image 2023-04-27 at 20.03.20.jpg
I ended up buying these Sparco wheels off @Big Ben and I've been curious about the Nankang AR-1s for a while, the wheels came with a pair so I picked up another 2 while they were on offer through eBay. Also sorted out all my tyres in the garage, turns out I have a few...
Lots of people love the AR1, I'm still very much on the fence. The sidewalls feel much softer than the MRFs and they certainly have a perfect operating window, after a fairly hard 8-9 laps they struggled for grip. More testing to be done methinks...

On to tonights activities! I finally burned through my arch liners so they got removed before they did it themselves on track!WhatsApp Image 2023-06-23 at 19.57.11.jpg
Also fixed another blowing exhaust joint with some new stainless Mikalor clamps liberated from work. I can't imagine why the exhaust was blowing...
WhatsApp Image 2023-06-23 at 19.17.17.jpg
I was safe while under the car though...
WhatsApp Image 2023-06-23 at 19.26.34.jpg

Snetterton on Tuesday for another outing, weather is looking decent so should be good to do some back to back testing between the AR1 and MRFs. Ended up checking over the front suspension and all was well, everything tight as it should be with no damage! Always nice to see.
Interesting how you see the tyres Martin. As you know I was other way round. Possibly driving styles or approach speeds maybe?
Look forward to your feedback from tuesday
Interesting how you see the tyres Martin. As you know I was other way round. Possibly driving styles or approach speeds maybe?
Look forward to your feedback from tuesday

Yeah it's very much a personal preference. I just found they felt a bit soft and had a more pronounced "window" of grip. They did however switch on immediately and felt grippy from the pit lane. My main concern with them is how nervous the car felt under braking, I do like the rear to be a bit loose (heh...) but it felt very odd. I think I need to have a play with the dampers and tyre pressures. I might throw the wheels on my mates Clio and see what he reckons.
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Cleaned, loaded and ready to roll.PXL_20230626_192854495.jpg

The Mondeo passed its MOT last week, I was fully expecting a fail for broken rear springs as it sits low anywayPXL_20230626_192911104.jpg
Obviously lower as the trailer is hitched up. I might lower it soon, I like the way the back sits when it's got the trailer on, the front looks daft all the times though...
Snetterton happened. Met up with @Bomster and another mate with a tasty Corvette. I'd booked a garage because I assumed it was going to be red hot all day but I was wrong. Still nice to have the space though.PXL_20230627_092924189.jpg53009148841_24aa8b0e47_o.jpg
Alex from AW Motorworks was there in a freshly built 182 turbo as seen above, the few laps he spent behind me was a big ego boost for me as he asked Alex how much power my car had as it can't have been standard, the response of "no extra power, just a healthy lack of mechanical sympathy when it's warmed up" was had.
Spent a lot of time running nose to tail with Bomster in his mostly standard (and very tidy) 200, he was struggling with front end grip due to a lack of camber and running on the shoulder of his R888Rs.
I did swap the wheels over and spent the morning on the AR1s and the afternoon on MRFs. Still a lot of back to back testing to be done I think, the AR1 is a quicker tyre but feels much softer on the sidewalls and the car feels more skittish under braking, however the MRFs have less outright grip (and speed) but the car feels more stable. This was reflected in the lap times which don't really tell the whole story.
Ended up with a quickest lap of 2:23.2 which was disappointing to be honest. I was on for a best of a 2:20.x but coming across a 3 wide gaggle of cars doing 40mph through Coram scuppered that, especially when they tripped over each other through the final corner and sat in the way all the way to the finish line.
Overall a good day, still very impressed with the EBC RPX pads. The car struggled with front end grip and power all day long, getting a better corner exit and pulling away from a stock 200, then being reeled in along the straight is a horrible feeling.

Passenger laps in the Corvette was wild though. When I originally saw the car last year I assumed it would be a typical straight line hero but I was very wrong. Absolute animal and felt like it had more to give, impressive that he managed to dip into the 2:12s with traffic!
Suspension fuckery today! New springs all round to go with the new top mounts. Trying to go stiffer in the rear with a 10kg spring to see how that balances the car, if that doesn't work I'll go back to the standard 8kg spring. The rears are also shorter (125mm instead of 150mm) so I could bring the rear down.
Also checked fluids and changed the plugs and coil packs too so it's as healthy as it can be for tomorrow...

Really happy with how the car sits right now, does need a little tweaking but it's going to Alex at AW Motorworks tomorrow for a full exhaust to be fitted, geo setup and corner weighting. Then off to Andy at Engine Dynamics for mapping as there'll be no cats in the system at all!
i do love your ride height, i need to work out how low i can get mine without culling the liners.. mine feels high right now, especially with the corner weighting.
That is low at the back. Are you hoping that it is too stiff to cause any rubbing?
At the moment it's just a placeholder as such. It'll be setup properly tomorrow and there's going to be more camber added to the rear to clear the arches a little.
Are you still running the yellowspeeds?
Parts of it. Now got Compbrake top mounts for more adjustability, still using the YSR uprights and shorter springs (8kg 150mm instead of the standard 8kg 180mm), so to compensate for the loose spring I've had to run a 4lb Faulkner 2" helper spring.
Pretty jealous I didn't get those wheels from Ben
Yeah they're mega wheels. Downside is that I'll probably ruin them!
Not many photos from the day but it's been a long one...

So, 5am alarm to hit the road to Essex to visit Alex at AW Motorworks, lots of parts in the boot of the car ready to be fitted. I arrived about 7.40 and got the car unloaded ready to get started when Alex arrived at 8ish. He had the old manifold off within about 40 minutes and the new Toyosport one fitted by the hour mark, we then set about fighting with the system I bought from @R20BTG, we had to change the o2/lambda sensor as they're different between the 197 and the 200. Took some heat and a big bar but it soon budged and the original swapped over from my Scorpion exhaust. No pictures as I left my phone in the car. Once the exhaust was all fitted it was onto the alignment rig for corner weighting and geo setup.

Slightly disappointed with the weight, coming in at 1180kg with half a tank of fuel, I think some weight saving is in order. The front end was something like 345kg on each side, rear was off but the whole thing was decent enough. I won't say what it went up to with me sat in it, but suffice to say I need to lose a bit of weight myself :tearsofjoy:
Alignment wasn't messed with too much, the new Compbrake top mounts maxed out at around 3 degrees with 7 degrees of caster which will give more camber on turn in, rear came up to around 2 degrees of camber but before we messed with that too much, it was time to get the car on the trailer and get over to Engine Dynamics for some mapping!

Made a respectable 201.2bhp and 161ftlb of torque, main part is the way the torque comes in earlier and holds steadier than previously so hopefully I can get out of corners a bit better. We'll see! Power came in at 179bhp at the wheels/hubs which shows a minimal "drivetrain" loss, always nice to see.
Ride height was slightly tweaked too. Overall a good day! Looking forward to Oulton now!