1. harveyl12

    Squeaking/Chirping - Driver Side Wheel - Extremely Annoying

    I am now getting very annoyed at this issue on my Clio RS 200 I’ve been driving for 2-3 months now. 3 weeks ago I did my first long drive and noticed when I had the window down that there was a squeaking/chirping noise coming from my front right driver side wheel. First impression was it will...
  2. C

    Help engine noise

    Hi guys, wondering if anyone could help. I have this strange engine noise that's sounds really worrying. I've uploaded a YouTube video Thanks in advance!
  3. tauhammerhead

    Strange noise when cooling fan starts up

    Hey all, Bit of an odd one - There is a horrible whine every time the fan comes on to cool the engine/radiator. It only seems to happen in slow traffic/stationary and for the first 2-5 seconds of start up and then it goes away. Naturally it doesn't do it on demand and so it has been difficult...
  4. lewisflintham

    Screech when reversing

    This is likely to be a long shot, but has anyone else had this? When reversing, normally in to a space, or parallel parking, I sometimes get a loud Screech, squeal, creak kind of noise from somewhere under the bonnet. Now, this is probably going to be a pain to diagnose, as it's intermittent...
  5. TG200CUP

    Squeeking sound when steering.

    Im starting to hear a squeeking noise when I turn the steering wheel. Especially when im maneuvering or parking at slow speed. Sounds like its coming from under the bonnet rather then in the cabin. HELP?
  6. M

    steering wheel boss

    sounds like i have a noise like a gentle rattle coming from the steering wheel boss? any ideas of what this could be? any help would be appreciated. thanks chris
  7. Oli-GTA

    Funny noises from steering

    Recently my Clio has started making noises at random times when i turn the wheel and the only way i can describe them is by saying they sound like a whale moaning ( skip to 1:30). The only thing i have done before this started happening was upgrading...
  8. M

    Creak from steering column at slow speeds

    Hi, Has anyone else ever experienced a creaking noise coming from their steering rack at very slow and parking speeds? It's only noticeable inside the car and it's definitely affected by the pressure/resistiveness of the ground the front wheels are on. There's no noise at speed (15mph+ or...
  9. tchalikias

    Noisy Contis

    Is it me or are the Continental Sport Contact 3's that come with the 200 extremely noisy at low-moderate speeds (around 40-50 mph)? Its a sort of droning or low-pitch humming noise, if you drive with the windows down and you hear it you can't 'unhear' it, and depending on the type of tarmac...
  10. tchalikias

    New 200 - gearbox noise normal?

    Hello all, a few days ago I got myself a brand new Clio RS 200. I find the driving experience incredible. However, I have a question about a noise (I know, I know, these are Renaults, they make all sorts of noises... but I digress since this is a new car). This is a noise that can...