1. Charliee_31

    Check Injection error. R26/ Meglio.

    Evening chaps, my meglio seems to have developed a small issue. I had just sorted a charging issue with the motor only to turn it over and see "check injection". I plugged it in to find the error message "UPC multiplex connection error" and from memory it was DF624. Wondering if anyone can...
  2. S

    Purchasing a meglio

    Hello, I'm 22 years old with 2 years no claims looking to buy my first performance car (coming from a 1.4 punto) I'm just wondering if it's bad idea to purchase a clio with a r26 engine in it. I'm also wondering what the insurance would be like (I live in quite a low insurance area) thank you.
  3. marcomanaco

    Which lambda Sensor for Clio F4RT

    Hello guys, I have a converted Clio 197 with a Meg 225 engine. A year ago i installed a 200cell catalyc converter. Everything was fine. About a month ago my emissions light shows up from time to time and stays for 2 or 3 days and goes away. Since my sensors are from 2006, I think it wouldn't...
  4. T

    My Meglio

    Hi, I have recently become a member of this forum and have begun reading into converting a standard Clio 197 into a 225 conversion. However, whilst I have the engine out of the car (225) I am hoping to refurbish and forge it. The reason for this thread is for a place to track the progress of my...
  5. G

    Meglio sloppy gear change

    Hi All, I have a track focused Meglio running the Megane 225 engine and gearbox, I also have a standard daily 197. When comparing the gear change (the actual selection of a gear) the 197 is much tighter and feels almost like a gated gear shifter if that makes sense. The Meglio seems sloppy in...
  6. J

    Albi Blue - Clio 197/Megane R26/Meglio 300

    Hello everyone, been meaning to start a project thread for some time just had no time recently. It all started with an idea between me and a good friend, of whom happens to be my mechanic. I was contemplating what to get after my last Subaru WRX STI and what would be a good base for a track...