liquid yellow

  1. aji621

    Hey guys, Renault n00bie here! First time owner!

    Hey everyone, love that the forum is still alive! Ive just picked up my first ever Renault ! a clio 197 F1 in Yellow! I love it so far, huge amount of fun! my brother also picked up his first one in red too, he bought the cheapest one we could find. so that should be interesting over the first...
  2. JMR

    Liquid Yellow touch up paint

    I don't know how but I've got a sort of stone chip on the boot of the LY200. I had some M.A.D touch up paint and its a good match, but its very thin and needs a million layers to build the colour up. I'm after a touch up paint that is nice and thick, builds up easily. Any recommendations...
  3. RonnieCLIORS

    New R27 owner, Stockport.

    New-ish owner here, I'm Ronnie from stockport, just near manchester, late march i bought my liquid yellow R27, the plate is hy57 vrc (soon to be R27 LYX) as i just ordered a private plate. not the best start to ownership, owned it about a month but only had it on the road a few times due to...
  4. T

    LY 200t Crossing A1, Bramham, Leeds

    After nearly a year of 200t ownership myself I spotted my first ever wild one and it happened to be a lovely LY one crossing the A1 from Bramham on the Thorner road. Unfortunately I was doing 70 on the A1 beneath so didn't get too close a look or a chance to wave!.
  5. Cal

    Liquid Yellow R27 433/500

    So i picked up my Clio in early January it looks great body wise but I think i'm no where near finished engine wise on how perfect I want it to be! Though I'd start this thread off with a few pictures of how the cars looking now! What it's got Miltek Cat Back Resonated Exhaust Front Splitter...
  6. N

    Buying Clio 197 F1, reg GD07PDY. Anyone's on here?

    Hi guys, Putting a deposit down on a beautiful Liquid Yellow 197 F1 on Saturday and it has the forum stickers still on it. Just wondering if anyone knows who owned it prior to being sold to the garage it's at? I look forward to any replies :) Nathaniel. Ps. Sorry if this is in the wrong...
  7. chapperzuk

    LY R27 - LED Street Lights

    I parked my R27 under those new LED street lights they've been installing the other day and snapped a few pictures. :) Here's what I got...
  8. chapperzuk

    Liquid Yellow Clio R27 (197 F1)

    I've always been a Renault Clio owner. When I passed my driving test 6 years ago, my first car was a red Renault Clio 1.2 litre. After a few years I upgraded to a Silver 1.4 litre. When the insurance became affordable, I upgraded to an Arctic Blue 2.0 litre 182. Having owned the 182 for 2 years...
  9. chapperzuk

    New Liquid Yellow 197 F1 Owner

    Hey guys, I've recently upgraded from my Clio 182 in Arctic Blue to this 197 F1 (R27) in Liquid Yellow. I'm over on the CS forums but thought I'd register here and introduce myself and the car. :thumbsup:
  10. A

    Have you ever owned this car (OY59 KMM)? Help needed please!

    Hi everyone, really interested in this car and hopefully going to few it next week. The car is registered as having had more than one previous owner (actually registered as having 4 - which surprised me quite a lot considering its age) and it looks to me as if someone has upgraded the...
  11. knuckles

    a bit more liquid yellow whoring

    gave it a wash last night and popped out this morning for some pics :)
  12. knuckles

    Clean LY R27

    Gave the car it's first wash, wax and back to black today... I think it's turned out quite nicely :approve: One thing that's still annoying me about this (bar the lack of a cup spoiler) is the black tailpipes! I've got to pick up some autosol lol!
  13. O

    What colour?

    Hi there, sorry if I have posted this in the wrong section but I'm looking to get a clio. Obviously I want a Renault sport, a 200 and I'm lucky enough to afford a brand new one. I am now deciding on colour. I want a brand new one but I went into the dealership and said I wanted a green one...