Hey guys, Renault n00bie here! First time owner!

Hey everyone, love that the forum is still alive!

Ive just picked up my first ever Renault ! a clio 197 F1 in Yellow! I love it so far, huge amount of fun! my brother also picked up his first one in red too, he bought the cheapest one we could find. so that should be interesting over the first few track days!

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-13 at 11.27.32 AM.jpeg

i made a video after picking it up,

Honestly, coming from the Japanese tuning world, I've done honda's for over 10 years, nissans for 5+ this is a breath of fresh air and i am in love with it already!

Thanks for looking, look forward to meeting some fellow clio owners!

Liquid yellow is the best colour.

What are your plans with the car?

First off it to get out on track again, my Civic Eg6 is back broken, so wanted to get out this year ! so next few weeks i hope to get on track, then see what it may need for upgrades, tempted for some spacers to start to bring the wheels out a touch & then i guess it will be better pads & brake juice ;-p
Welcome aboard…. There’s a few of us still on here who frequently do trackdays

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