1. W

    Engine Needs

    Hi Anyone know where to source a replacement engine from, eBay seem to be low on engines, KTEC seem to want stupid money for a second hand engine before there is any work even done to it, and REN PARTS Ltd don't even have a phone number that work which make me wonder what is going on there?
  2. A

    Black specs on dipstick after oil change

    Hello guys, As title says I dipped my oil after an oil change and there is black specs on the dipstick I have dipped it a few times and there is always a few of these specs. They crush up in to like a powder. Any ideas what it is and should I be concerned?
  3. manmr94

    Weird motor sound

    Hi, since few days ago my car has a weird sound in the engine. I attached a video sound. What is the problem?
  4. R

    Diagnosing overfueling

    Hi! I have suspected for some time that my clio 197 is running too rich. There is a strong gasoline smell when it stays with engine running, exhaust tips quickly goes to black and it seems to have less power. The only information from the computer was flashing engine managment light, but it...
  5. H

    Engine misfire

    Yesterday my Clio 197 developed a misfire during normal driving without any obvious reason and it is happening across the whole rev range. It sounds like bad air/fuel mixture or like that timing is out. There is also smell of unburned fuel from the exhaust. I suspect that I have bad downstream...
  6. S

    Engine rebuild specs

    Hi I'm after some specs for rebuilding my 197 engine. I can't seem to find anything on bearing clearances, bolts that need to be replaced etc. Does anyone have a manual? I've seen the R3 maxi engine build manual mentioned multiple times, but couldn't find it. Thanks a lot!
  7. R

    High average knock signal / engine not running smoothly

    Hello! I have a problem with my Clio 197, year 2006: when on idle, the RPM are moving up and down slightly (not much; something about 50 RPM max, averaging about 830 RPM total). The engine is not running smoothly on idle, when I put my hand near the exhaust I can feel some random bursts (it is...
  8. av4625

    Weird Idle

    Recently my car more often when cold idles a bit strangely. When I start it the needle will sit about a needles width below 1k RPM. After about a minute it will drop down to 600 RPM, sound a bit weird and shake the car a bit. A few seconds later it will bounce back up. The car drives and pulls...
  9. E

    RS200 Internal Engine Light Ticking - Suspected Crankshaft Bearing

    Hi All, The car was recently in the garage for a replacement O2 sensor, I noticed a very light ticking noise develop over the last 1000 miles (LH Side Engine Bay). When I drive the car, the ticking is in sync with the revs and is mostly noticeable around 1500-2000 revs. The garage also...
  10. E

    RS200 MK3 - Ticking Noise with Revs

    Hi All, I became the proud owner of a Clio RS200 CUP MK3 last weekend. I'm still becoming familiar as to how she drives, the clutch, steering and the 'normal' car sounds. I've noticed that there is a 'ticking' noise which I've become slightly concerned about. It's had a full service...
  11. harveyl12

    Engine Bay Hose - What is this Hose/Pipe for?

    Hi All, Just wanting to know what this hose/pipe is for circled in red. Because when I was looking for a RS 200 I came across one with this missing. My car I ended up buying has one but just curious what it is actually for? The car without one seems to run and drive fine. Thanks, Hose...
  12. @

    Engine won't Start - steering locked but saying unlocked

    Hi there, First post here have been browsing for a while. Motoring so far with this car has been pretty trouble free...But I suspected that I was just being lucky aha! Anyways I love my 197 and miss not been able to use it. So basically went to start my car yesterday and nothing.some sort of...
  13. harveyl12

    Clio 200 or Standard

    Hi, I am looking at buying a Clio 197 or 200 very soon. Swaying towards the Clio 200 as I can pick one up for around £4500 - £6000. When coming to look for clio 197 and 200's on auto trader and other trading sites I am finding an issue where it might not state that it is a 197 or 200, but it...
  14. tauhammerhead

    Strange noise when cooling fan starts up

    Hey all, Bit of an odd one - There is a horrible whine every time the fan comes on to cool the engine/radiator. It only seems to happen in slow traffic/stationary and for the first 2-5 seconds of start up and then it goes away. Naturally it doesn't do it on demand and so it has been difficult...
  15. FishFart

    Tuning problem or?

    Hey everyone! I recently had cams 402 installed, ported/polished inlets and RST remote remap, and some strange things happened since then. I was at dyno test today and will share some before/after results, but please before continuing with reading, check out my other thread/problem since few...
  16. tchalikias

    Gearbox dogbone mount - has the part changed?

    My 200's dogbone mount is on its way out and I can feel it while driving. I'm going to replace it on the next service. I've found three part numbers: 8200777542, 8200042454, 8200509784. Apparently, these all fit the 197/200. However, the design seems to have changed; the OEM mount is covered...