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    How to remove Powerflex upper engine mount insert?

    You need to pay to view the how to sub forum
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    Another wiper question!

    I’ve just changed the linkages and can confirm all is back to normal. Renault Parts Direct have the linkages on sale for £150 at the moment, or I could send you mine and you could have a go at un seizing them?
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    Another wiper question!

    There is a how to thread on here that involves regreasing the shafts but I’m just going to replace it for peace of mind. Will be doing it tomorrow as I’ve been busy today
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    Another wiper question!

    I have the same issue and was told it’s the linkages, I’ve bought new ones which I’m going to fit tomorrow
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    What springs are these? Clio 200 (2012)

    I have 2 rear springs that came off my 2011 200 if you want them instead of buying new?
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    Clio Meg RS320bhp conversion (update Meg Rad)

    Damn I was kind of hoping that wouldn’t be the answer
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    Clio Meg RS320bhp conversion (update Meg Rad)

    Where would be best to pick up a 250 engine?
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    Standard Airbox over Induction kit

    I have a complete standard airbox here if you want it?
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    MY 2009 SILVER CLIO 200

    I can’t make my mind up over the KTEC or the predator manifold. Is there much of a change in noise? Performance?
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    MY 2009 SILVER CLIO 200

    That KTEC manifold looks beautiful! What exhaust system are you running?
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    Lewis's RB Clio 197

    If your unsure of what you need message kam racing on facebook, Kevin is quick to answer any questions you have
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    Bumping ride when drive slow

    Check the wheel isn’t buckled, I had this on an old fiesta when I hit a kerb on black ice
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    Lewis's RB Clio 197
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    Rear Badges

    Mine came apart when I removed it from my car, not sure if it was meant to do this or not
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    200 diffuser chrome rings

    Just as a reference for someone else selling a pair in the future I’ve sold mine for £45 posted