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    Previous 200 owner looking to join the club again.

    @Steve Murr might be able to help
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    Newbie, current without a Clio

    Welcome! Look forward to seeing your new steed!
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    Clio 220 or GTI PP/TCR

    Exactly this, even with a TCR I also have the same feeling, so that was putting me off looking into it. It's a 290bhp Golf at the end of the day, not far off the R. A friend of mine at work has one and it hasn't been targeted... yet. I feel it's only a matter of time. In that respect, a PP 7.5...
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    Clio 220 or GTI PP/TCR

    What a great situation to be in @ashtons99 You can’t compare the Golf to the 220 Trophy, though - they are two very different cars. I have test driven the Megane 280 and 300 Trophy, as well as the i30N and are all in the next level of hot hatch compared to the Clio. Until recently I was going to...
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    220/RS performance Trophy Project

    That looks absolutely fantastic! Just so you know, a lot of parts Renault have put into their RS Performance shop can be found cheaper by the original manufacturer. If you want the RS logo that's fine and entirely your choice :)
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    Just test drove 220 trophy

    Cheers Ben! I moved from a Mk3 to a 220 Trophy. Taken the Trophy on track plenty, the Mk3 is more fun but flappy paddles is not be sniffed at! The Mk4 has made my driving experience ‘off track’ ten times better though. No more worrying about the ball joints, manifold, road tax, a/c condenser...
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    My Trophy awaits....

    Welcome back, glad you're enjoying it!
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    Micah's Glacier White 220 Trophy

    Sold them to a guy down the road with a pre-facelift Trophy. With not doing any track days this year, and a likely departure it didn't make sense to hold onto them. Were pristine though!
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    Micah's Glacier White 220 Trophy

    Not yet Nick. I had a buyer lined up and was all looking good till the end of last week. Am waiting for a reply so we'll see.
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    Not Been On For A While - Quick Update

    Good to read a post from you Colin, though sorry for what you’ve been through this year. I’m glad to see you’ll be using the R27 more, and couldn’t agree more with @Cossers reply - quite sobering. Certainly given me something to think about as I hit 40 next year. Great to see a bit of a...
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    Welcome! Loads of info and owner threads on here to learn from. I’d set aside a week to read up on everything before you make a purchase :tongueout:
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    Clio 200 help!

    Is it the one offset to the left or right of the front grille? If so, they’re not on all of them. Costs about £35 to replace.
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    Back again.

    I know of a nice 220 Trophy in Glacier White for sale if you miss the colour that much ;)
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    Bedford Trackday 20.04.19

    Was good to meet you Matt, and thanks for taking me out in yours. The Akra is awesome! You drive really well and it is already a great setup you have. Wheels, tyres and coilies and you’ll have an even bigger grin on your face! Just realised how I remembered your plate - I was training at Sage...
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    X85 Cup Racer VVT fault code

    Does the car feel flat at all when giving it some beans? Mine had a similar fault, albeit a road version Mk3 200. Turned out to be a faulty dephaser. I remember the Tech looking into it tried the solenoid by removing it and running a current through it. Helped him identify it was indeed the...