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    Genuine Replacement keyless keys

    As title suggest are genuine ones still available to order, I’ve got a broken card for the raider and would like to keep things original for it, so a dodgy one won’t suffice as you loose the keyless start function and I’ve also heard it stops your other genuine keyless start card from working...
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    Handbrake not Working After Changing Rear Discs

    Have you removed the cable from the caliper and checked that’s it’s free to move in the sleeve, not uncommon for these cables to seize
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    Only One Winner Here....................LOL

    Not bad, I wouldn’t be working on the line if I had the money in the bank to be out enjoying that
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    best handling mods

    i fully rate the DNA racing adjustable rear ARB, wiped out understeer and improved turn in dramatically for me
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    easy enough to get out, ball ache to re trim neat
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    Raider paintwork plea....

    Full Respray is usually the only option they struggle with the colour match more than the Matt finish, the paint code is more blue than the actual car colour I’ve owned #3 for the last 6 years so know the pain I’ve have a front bumper blown over and it’s never quite right I have a extra...
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    When the wife borrows the car

    My other half returns 32-34 on her commute, when she occasionally uses it in get low/sub 20 [emoji23]
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    **VOTE** Photo of the Year 2018

    Thanks guys, First of all i want to thank the forum (@Jimmy and @Cliosport-carl) for running the monthly comps, and secondly for everyone who voted for me in the monthly comps and everyone that voted for the photo of the year, every photo was worthy of winning so feel honoured to get the title...
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    **VOTE** Photo of the Year 2018

    Who are the club owners, are they not a big part of the forum ? I like this forum but it doesn’t seem all that popular to what it was a few years back, seems the likes of rs197/200 have overtook it massively, I think it needs more social media interaction to bring people in
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    **VOTE** Photo of the Year 2018

    You say that but the 197/200 forum sold a fair amount from what I heard they had a limited run and sold out straight away and some of the pictures were very poor IMO
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    **VOTE** Photo of the Year 2018

    I’d buy the calendar but naturally the cut off would have to be well before December to allow for printing, I recently got a feature in the RS197/200 2019 forum calendar and that seemed to sell well
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    220T: WL67 DPX - looking for the previous owner (Cornwall)

    Google images has registration recognition now, might be worth a quick search
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    Well then...

    I like both manual and dsg I’m lucky enough to experience both daily It depends on the car for me though, Love a manual in the raider and the meg trophy as it connects you to the car makes you more a part of it But the DSG is nice to have in the S4, it’s smooth and comfortable, you don’t...
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    Beading Shots