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    Lacking bass

    Maybe get a amp added
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    Blower number 4 not work

    Yes should be ok, I no expert but says clio 2005-2009 most prob be same anyway
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    Blower number 4 not work

    Yes I got the standard 197 cup model, thanks for help
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    Blower number 4 not work

    Are they expensive, thanks for info, still got bit of heat coming out so not desperate times yet
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    Blower number 4 not work

    Hi all my blower on number 4 won't work, 1,2,3 all work still anyone have idea, phoned Ktec but not helpful at all just said would need car as not seen on my clio
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    It's cold in my car. brrrr

    I got all up to number 3 working my 4 not working though x
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    What bulbs?

    I got diamond visions in mine, I like them nice white light, output not great but look loads better
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    Fly eye headlights

    I fly eyed my rears, got a film on my fronts, but looks good
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    K tec exhaust?

    I got Ktec system and great sound for the money but if got lots of money go for the akra
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    Quick update

    I did mine but put film on front, and fly eyed the back
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    Powerflex bushes & engine mounts

    Lol the vibration is mad nearly stalled my car till got used to it, is so diff from before does handle better though
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    Powerflex bushes & engine mounts

    I just done the upper, can really tell it's been done
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    Led bulbs

    They are very bright but fit is good takes all of mins to fit them
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    Favourite cleaning products

    I use zaino and gtecnique
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    Led bulbs

    I ordered these in the end, they are bloody bright