What modifications have you made to your 197/200? What do you really think of them?

Discussion in 'Clio General Chat' started by N0ddie, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Mattb_197


    Clio Sport 197
    Agreed. Numbnut's post is very informative.

    In a similar style, my mods are:
    Milltek resonated cat back exhaust
    -Nice bit of kit, not too loud and in your face but you know it's there. Nice burble with gentle driving and a few cheeky pops from the exhaust when it's hot. Sounds great at high revs.

    K&N panel filter
    -Does what it says on the tin, performance wise nothing really added but it's an almost fit and forget item. Only really needs cleaning once every 40-50k or so.

    Powerflex lower engine mount insert and torque arm bush
    -If you can put up with the extra vibrations, which aren't really that bad once they settle in, the difference these two little bushes made on my car were well worthwhile. It just feels a bit more direct and connected if that makes sense. Before they were fitted you could feel the engine rocking back and forth on/off throttle on it's engine mounts.

    Osram nightbreaker bubs
    -The standard bulbs were that poor I actually thought they weren't working when I first drove the car at night! Quickly changed them over for some of these and the difference was night and day!

    LED interior and number plate bulbs
    -Changed all the interior and number plate bulbs to LED. Nice mod that makes the car look a bit more modern.

    Sony Head unit
    Mine had the cabasse auditorium system in which is meant to be an upgrade from the factory but frankly, it's crap. Changed to a Sony Head unit and it's improved the sound no end, plus the ability to plug in a USB or load a CD with MP3s is a must these days for most people. CDs are so 1990!

    The to do list mods for me are going to be a speaker upgrade of some sort and then a custom remap to help smooth out the flat spot and give it a bit of a lift across the revs.

  2. CallorFold

    CallorFold Platinum Member

    Clio 220 Trophy
    PiperCross Panel Filter - Very quick to swap, noticeably more induction noise after 3K RPM (with the window down)

    Osram Cool Blue Side lights and Osram Nightbreaker dipped beams - Fairly easy to change, looks loads better than the yellow halogen bulbs, much better driving at night (good practical mod)

    LED Interior, puddle lights, numberplate lights - Really freshened up the car, pretty cheap, nice and easy to do

    Philips Silver Vision Indicator bulbs - Again, freshens the car up a bit, not bad for ~£20

    Powerflex Mounts (upper and lower torque + gearbox)
    - Greatly improves the drive/feel of the car, would be the first thing I did if I ever bought another 197/200

    MTEC Drilled discs, front (with brembo pads) and rear (mintex pads) - Better performance over standard setup, more bite. I only swapped them as the discs and pads needed doing anyway, probably wouldn't be worthwhile if your discs and pads had plenty of life left.

    Team HEKO wind deflectors - Just love the way they look on any car. Nice to be able to crack window when it's raining without getting wet.

    Ultimately I'd love to throw on some Eibach springs, 20mm spacers, some fruity exhaust and a remap....but I'm starting to doubt if I'll ever actually get that far with the Clio.
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  3. Kazumz


    Clio RS 200 Gordini
    Scorpion Non-Res Decat - LOUD NOISES! Very enjoyable, but horrendous on the motorway at 70. Ringing ears fest.

    KTR Intake - Improved Response dramatically on my car, far more alert to throttle response. Lovely noise too.

    Team HEKO Wind Deflectors - Every car should have them, some people use them for style but I bought them 3 years ago for function and have not let me down since.

    Mr. Pinks Brake Pins - Got a compliment from an RS Specialist while they were cleaning my brakes on how easy these were to remove. A must have.

    Lightweight Crank Pulley - I actually forgot about this one! Get the idea?

    Stripped Rear - A must do for any enthusiast who do not require 5 seats, but 2 and a huge boot.
  4. Jordanfaf

    Jordanfaf Winner - POTM November 2017, January 2018

    Dublin, Ireland
    Renault Clio 197
    2007 clio 197

    Center silencer Delete - Did someone say Rally car? Best exhaust mod for the price i think, have had it done on every car ive owned. Makes the clio sound like a Rally car !

    40mm Eibach springs - bought the car with these, very firm (which i like) rear springs need changing so will be getting H&R set with cup shocks.

    Gold wheels!! - they were silver... now theyr gold. And as we all know, gold is better than silver

    Carbon grills - streamline carbon grills, look amazing and allow more air into the radiator. Will be getting a few more bits off them soon enough!



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  5. Dystant

    Dystant Detailing Dale Paid Member

    Clio 200 CUP
    [MENTION=54392]Jordanfaf[/MENTION] Love those gold alloys and the gold/black centre caps, looks really good! Never considered spraying the rear diffuser to match? :smile:
  6. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    ^^ yeah +1, stunning looking car Jordan, love those wheels!!
  7. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Gold spoiler ends would look good too :thumbsup:
  8. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    Gotta love the wheels..that would be my choice too
  9. chongwong

    chongwong Gold Member

    Clio 197
    Rather than the diffuser, i think spraying the exhaust tips the same gold would look Epic!
  10. Rishi

    Rishi Platinum Member

    197 Cup Albi Blue
    I've had my car for ~4 years now, I changed the plugs for the first time along with an air filter (ITG) last weekend and there's quite a bit of difference I think, no flat spot and more power lower in the rev range, should've changed it much sooner!
  11. VolumeX


    Clio mk3 197 & 200 20th

    Have not modded a lot but I'll throw my hat into the ring!
    BMC Filter: Great piece of gear as it withstands the heat a lot better than some units. Low maintenance and perfect fit from Italy.
    Yellow Stuff Brake Pads: Hell yeah, nice gear, love that it does not dust as much and them yellow sticking out looks cool, plus they grab when you need them.
    Engine Bay: Colour code some of the pipes with blue, adds colour and extra protection due to the high temps, in the bay.
    New rebalanced light Flywheel
    DeWipered rear, Sparco Racing gear shift knob and Isotta Seat belt pads, Custom Mats, colour coded interior strips and carbon vinyl vents. Lightweight smaller aerial.
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  12. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Seat Ateca...WTF happened.
    Finally having some major mods on mine I thought I would add my thoughts..

    Silver vision indicator bulbs 10/10- Very cheap mod and purely for looks no more egg yolk looks ,worth every penny.

    Philips X Treme vision bulbs 10/10- Horrible to fit cut my arms to pieces, but worth every penny really good over standard I've always changed standard bulbs on any car Iv'e owned.

    Piper cross panel filter 8/10 - Quite a cheap and very easy upgrade to do (im useless!) took about 2 mins to do and I think was a good upgrade to standard I think it gave a little more noise and just felt a bit better to drive, will also save you money over time replacing cheap filters at each service.

    PUL Led kit 8/10- Had a set in my car when I owned it in 2012 and the kit was good some think its chavvy I liked the look, one of the bulbs did die quickly. I sold my car then bought it back in 2016 (long story!) the owner after me removed them and I bought another set the new kit obviously has better quality bulbs they are much brighter, yes very happy and a quick and easy mod.

    Gloss black Renault badge covers 7/10 - Bit of mixed mod on here some love and some hate them, for me it was a cheap and easy mod that I could do so bought from ebay sadly the front one didnt quite fit, seller sent another and it still didnt quite fit - anyway as suggested on here I sanded down the centre diamond part and it fits - i really like the looks again its a martmite mod.

    Gloss black wheel centre caps for speedlines 10/10 - This always bugged me why oh why put anthracite centres on black wheels!? - again ebay sourced very cheap and quite easy to do small mod, but makes a big difference (if you even notice?!)

    Akrapovic evolution exhaust 10/10
    - Very expensive upgrade, worth it...hmmm definately I can only describe as Jekyll and Hyde foot down lots of noise, cruise and its not much louder than standard...oh and those exhaust tips...lovely.

    K Tec induction kit 10/10 - Having had this fitted same time as the Akro I find it very hard to differentiate the noise if im honest, it obviously makes a difference as part of the full upgrade I did, looks good to.

    Catcams 402 9/10 - Ok this is a controversial one with mixed feelings on here, I did this as my cambelt needed doing decided what the hell lets do it, again had this fitted with Akro, induction kit and remap so its hard for me break it down as part of the package its a big 10 from me, the big issue is that price...yep it was expensive, that aside the car feels very different. I was worried that the cams would change it into a bit of a pain to live with, fear not no rough idling etc etc - just more power.

    Turn One 4 point harness x 2 6/10 - I wont use my car for track days, I just wanted to give it a 'race' feel, is that sad...hmm maybe. Ok in reality as its a second car garage queen/toy car etc, I can live with them, if it was a daily forget it!.

    K Tec half cage with Harness bar 9/10 - Again its not a track car, do I really need this...hmmm no, do I like it...of course I do - race look I wanted, but it was expensive for me its a big yes and to me the car feels more 'firm'?.

    K Tec remap 10/10 - Again part of the cam package, so cant comment on standard car, worth it yes 100%.

    RS official gear knob 10/10 - A tad expensive for what it is really, but one of those little mods that make a big difference chunky, but cold...oo er.

    Will update as and when more mods come...
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  13. Moono16v


    Megane 250.
    Any videos of this matey?
  14. Dystant

    Dystant Detailing Dale Paid Member

    Clio 200 CUP
    Wind deflectors 7/10
    For less than £30 they really improve the look of the car in my opinion, although I appreciate they're not for everyone I love them. Would definitely buy again.

    Renaultsport Gearknob 8/10
    Lovely addition to the interior, little bit heavier than standard knob so gear changes feel a little better. I wouldn't pay full price for one however. (£50 used)

    K&N cone filter 4/10
    This came with the car when I bought it, and the sound was amazing but I hated the thought of it sucking in hot air as it wasn't heat shielded, so I replaced with the standard air box and a K&N panel filter. If you want the extra noise fairly cheap then this is great, but I'd stick to OEM setup.

    Silicone intake hoses 5/10
    Bought these to lighten up the engine bay, visually they're really nice but performance wise I've noticed no difference, so it's a little expensive for a visual mod. Wouldn't buy again though. (£110)

    Miltek Resonated catback exhaust 10/10
    My favourite mod I've done to the car, really gives it that deep roar the car deserves. It's not that loud cruising along but sounds amazing when you put your foot down. Gear changes are accompanied by nice some pops and gurgles. Would definitely buy again. (£500)

    Powerflex mounts 10/10
    So I fitted 3 poweflex mounts; Upper torque arm bush, lower engine mount inserts and gearbox mount. The engine is fully locked in place with these fitted and the car accelerates so much better as without these fitted you can feel the engine rock when accelerating quickly. They cause vibrations inside the cabin, but I personally don't really care about this. The benefits outweigh the negatives. Would definitely do this again. (£80 in total for all 3)

    Black wheel centre caps 7/10
    No idea why Renault decided to use grey centre caps with black alloys because it looked ridiculous. I sprayed mine myself, but they're available on eBay really cheap. They really finish off the look of the wheels. Definitely do this again. (£7)

    MTEC Dimpled Grooved discs 7/10
    My original discs were so old it's difficult to say whether they're better in terms of stopping power, but I've had no issues with them (apart from MTECs protective coating, avoid this at all costs as mine rusted after 2 weeks). The dimpled grooved was more of a visual benefit rather than practical, they do look great. Would buy again. (£238)

    Mintex M1144 front brake pads 8/10
    I replaced all discs and pads at the same time so it's difficult to compare how these are to the OEM setup, but I'm very happy with them, the stopping power with them is insane, they've saved me a few times already from crashing into idiotic drivers.
    Although they are great, I would probably pay the extra and get the Ferodo DS2500s instead. (£80)

    Diadem indicator bulbs 6/10
    These have a blue tint to them, and look miles better than the orange standard bulbs. But if I had the choice again I would pick the chrome ones instead so they blend in even more. The diadem one do look nice though. (£18)

    Wrapping dash trim 9/10
    The grey standard dash trims were so dull, so I wrapped them in white carbon vinyl and it really improves the interior so much. Probably one of the cheapest mods I've done but one that has made the most difference, would definitely do it again. (£8)

    Gel resin number plates 6/10
    Ordered these as I liked the look of them, they're definitely an improvement over the standard plates, but not sure if they're worth the £40 I paid. Would probably buy again, but that's because my old ones had been screwed on whereas I stuck these on with the double sided pads, so looks a lot cleaner. (£40)
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  15. Jordanfaf

    Jordanfaf Winner - POTM November 2017, January 2018

    Dublin, Ireland
    Renault Clio 197
    My Deresonted clio and a friend's deresonated Panda 100

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  16. Antti O

    Antti O Paid Member

    Mikkeli, Finland
    Clio 197 Ultra red 2007
    In my opinion, performance modifications are quite worthless to judge with your ass dynamometer.
    It would be best to go dyno before/after and compare results. Intake kits are so good example, noise changes and you feel it goes "more".. even it can be slower due to higher intake temps.
    Sorry my strict opinion.

    My mods so far:

    Osram led registration plate lights
    Philips silvervision indicator bulbs

    10/10, works as described.
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  17. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Seat Ateca...WTF happened.
    Thoughts on new mods..

    K Tec manifold & K Tec sports cat 7/10 - I had this done together, the sound is something else when revved be prepared its quite loud...however in a good way - update to remap saw a bit more power and you can feel it to. Expensive option, but quite happy.

    K Tec coolant hoses 5/10 - Purely cosmetic change for me, again expensive I think, but they do look good adds dash of colour and i presume technically they are much better quality than the standard hoses to be fair!.

    Rear calipers refurbished 10/10 - Proper off the car strip down and repainted look new again didnt cost the earth to do - very happy as they had chipped and were a bit scabby.

    Inlet manifold & throttle body gas flowed 8/10 - On looks alone this was an amazing change to the engine bay, not sure how much difference this made to performance car did feel smoother if that makes sense, but very happy with it and not hugely expensive.

    K Tec lower stabiliser mount 7/10 - Had this done as it made sense when manifold was done, makes the car feel stiffer for sure, are there vibrations...yes, but as the beach boys said 'good vibrations' in the sense the results are good, I have been told this will die down over time!.
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  18. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Seat Ateca...WTF happened.
    Just a quick update as listed before K Tec lower mount vibrations have died down a fair bit much, better - have to say it's more 'race' though still a 7/10 for me!.

    Yokohama AD08R 11/10
    - To me this made a big difference, I had these on an Elise I owned years ago always wanted another set, they look proper on the car that's the only way I can describe them, gives the car a more aggressive look - maybe that's just in my head though!, not one to get to excited about how tyres look on a car, but yeah these look good.

    Certainly give some really good feedback and last, but not least that grip...wow just wow.

    Shuv's Carbon Fibre Manifold badge 10/10 - I had never considered a CF badge due to the stupid price and it does 0 to the car, however saw this on the group buy from the man himself so ordered one up, just need some stickers now - very nicely made and I think it looks good for the price there is nothing not to like...pity its hidden away 99.9% of the time.

    Shuv's Carbon Fibre Coolant Cover 10/10 - Bought from the man him self part of the group buy, again for the money whats not to like and pity its hidden away. Lovely finish and fits a treat.
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  19. sevenfourate

    sevenfourate Devotee of OCD Paid Member

    Lowestoft, England.
    Racing Blue RS-200

    Can we have a 'beam with pride'; or 'blush like a teenage schoolgirl' emoji please :smile:

    Glad you loved Kev. Nice to get to get some feedback too. They were a labour of love (In bulk) i tell you......
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  20. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Seat Ateca...WTF happened.
    Credit where it is due!
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