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  1. kevlar

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  2. kevlar

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    Give me a bl00dy chance man :ban:
  3. Cossers

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    Vxr astra (j) and an r27
    Very nice, I like that, super shiny stuff, did you spray or brush paint the stuff as it looks very smooth?
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  4. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    I didnt do it Max at MS Custom engineering did it and yes it is very smooth!
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  5. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Yep stayed red on calipers want to keep it looking standard (ish)!
  6. Johnny 99

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    Clio Renaultsport 200
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  7. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Much tidier, so far...
  8. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Just to add engine bay is over due a full be done!
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  9. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Checked with Max, calipers were sprayed hence why they are nice and smooth. He used a vht brake caliper paint as it's quite thin he applied about 10 coats.
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  10. Cossers

    Cossers Paid Member

    Vxr astra (j) and an r27
    That's what I hope to use on mine, used it before and it very easy to use, just need to see if I can get the right colour I'm after :smile:
  11. Gordini

    Gordini Paid Member

    Clio 200 Gordini
    Bits look great, let's hope they improve performance too! (If not no worries, as it looks so good :smile: )
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  12. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    My thoughts exactly - like I said that was the main reason to be honest to make it look smarter, but one can hope for a few more BHP! my friend told me red is the fastest colour so in theory should see 220bhp when mapped?
  13. ///M

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    R27, ///M CS, Exige V6
    Looks great mate. It's one of those weird mods where you are never really going to feel much out of it but it can only do good!

    Good on you for getting it done.
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  14. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Very nice indeed, massive transformation on the calipers! The red cover looks the business too!
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  15. lild-200cup

    lild-200cup Gold Member

    uckfield, east sussex
    Storm grey ff Clio 200
    You have any problems with car idling and running with the throttle body ported?
  16. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197
    went for the right will take you up to 220 no doubt :thumb:
    looks very nice and clean..think @sevenfourate is very jealous:tongueout:
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  17. sevenfourate

    sevenfourate Devotee of OCD Moderator

    Lowestoft, England.
    Racing Blue RS-200
    Damned right he's jealous !

    Looks awesome doesn't it.

    And I'm sure benefits will be reaped come remap time.

    Great 'mod'. Shiny too. I like that :smile:
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  18. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Hmmm shiny...will be shinier when detailed!
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  19. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Nope its as normal, I read some people had issues who changed the size of the tb, mines the original.
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  20. kevlar

    kevlar Gold Member

    Those who read through my thread know I had some work done on my car in feb at K Tec and although the work done was good, to me the customer service just was not good enough - so I sent an email to Sean at K Tec - this was in a constructive manner not just an email slagging them off.

    He responded super quick to be fair and did not even argue with me it was just kept very factual and he came back to me with an offer of free fitting on the sports cat, manifold and reduced fitting cost on the coolant hoses I wanted as an apology - so I agreed to get it booked in.

    A few days after booking the car in, K Tec did a 10% discount on their site, due to work I missed this offer and did not realise until the sunday, so I emailed Sean and asked if they would honour the discount for me - he agreed so manged a further discount which again really helped.

    On my last visit they diagnosed my manifold had a flexi blowing slightly they said its not to bad, but would need attention in the future so decided to pull the trigger on a K Tec manifold with the K Tec sports cat as my car is a road only car and I need to get it through an mot so the decat option didnt interest me.

    So the manifold I went with as it appears its a very good bit of kit and should last, yes its expensive however due to the free fitting they offered to me - to me it equaled out.

    Also I had fitted red silicone coolant hoses, nothing realy exciting, but I like them and continue the red theme in the bay and help tidy things up.

    And last, but not least I had the K Tec (vibratechnics I presume) lower stabiliser mount fitted, I did consider the powerflex options, however again they offered free fitting on the K Tec option, so did some digging around and some people love it,some people loathe it - pretty much like the power flex options.

    Also included was an update to the remap which took it to 213.6 BHP, which was a figure I had hoped for - did it take make any difference having the inlet and throttle body flowed?, I dont think it did the run they did before the above upgrades came out the same at 206 BHP as it was previously.


    So...this time K Tec got it right, they called me to check how I wanted the cat fitted, called me to confirm when it was done, called me to confirm my parts were boxed and in my car to collect, so I have to say thanks to Sean at K Tec.

    So I collcted the car after a very slow and tedious drive there which took over 2 hours straight from work in their evil, evil, evil 1.2 clio...lord above that thing is just dreadful - I think this is part of their plan so when you pick your car up you really feel how good your car is.

    Now I was prepared for the lower mount to cause a vibration, I was prepared for some extra noise from the manifold - so pulled away and yes, it definately feels more 'race' the clutch is a bit more off/on and yes I can only decribe as a thrumbing noise/vibration which was odd for the first 15 minutes of my journey hope this dies off a bit over time - the car just feels more 'stiff' oo err.

    Now the manifold, could I tell there was more power, I would say yes a bit - the noise though I read another progress thread I think here who had one fitted and they mentioned it 'screamed' and yes it does around 3.5k..lord above to be honest it scared me a tad i was not ready for that howl...bloody hell!.

    Yes there is definately a lot more noise, yes the Akra sounded really good, but not to its very angry...very.

    Not had chance to take it out since so cant wait to get it out and fully cleaned up, however friday night I managed to get a bit of time so I decided to clean up my engine bay a bit, I then thought hmm wonder if I can manage to clean the scuttel panel out - at this point I must point out I am fecking useless at anything like this, but thought what the heck.

    After some faffing about, I have limited tools I managed it thanks to the guide on here the drivers side was not that bad, but the drain was blocked ta the top, so cleaned the whole area up and the part of the drain I could get to and poured some hot water owver it - few seconds later voila black sludge under the car and free flowing.

    Passenger side was just dirty and the drain was fine, so all cleaned up and back together some photos didnt get a before of drivers side foolishly - I think as the cars been garaged for most of its life this would ha

    So all cleaned up and dressed with Autofinesse Dressle - looks a bit better now, just waiting on @sevenfourate and the group buy to add some CF touches!.

    IMG_1945.JPG IMG_1947.JPG IMG_1949.JPG IMG_1950.JPG IMG_1951.JPG

    Hope it's not been to boring - so no more mods for now, I have a few on my list, but my wife is going to kill me or even worse let me live If i buy anything else...

    Oh and forgot to mention (dont tell the wife) I have finally got some black tpi bolts ready to go on and a set of mr pinks pins ready when I eventually get around to upgrading the brakes..

    Also may have to contact jade about @///M and the new bilsteins weigh up my options really need to know how much it is (dont tell the wife...please..)

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