Chris's LY 200t.

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  1. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Finally thought it is time to make a project and progress thread made!

    Ive been on the forum for a couple of years now and as a lot of people know I had an Albi 197, which I had for about 2 years. It was the best car I have owned (coming from a **** 1.2 fiat punto and a 1.6 Fiesta zetec s) I had my fair share of problems with the car which of course is standard with the 197s. Even though it cost me a lot of money it hooked me onto renaultsports and started me looking around to change to something newer. I was looking at 200 Raiders for a little while but due to the 200s still having problems the same as the 197s I decided to start looking into meganes. I decided that insurance and the actual price of the cars (I wanted something 2012+) it would have been too much money.

    This is where I started looking into the 200t's, I hadn't originally looked at them as I wanted to stay in the manual box, but thinking about it, I thought that it would be something id consider and decided to test drive one, it took me 3 dealers to actually find a car (which is disappointing from Renault). At first I was a little underwhelmed, but I put it into sports mode and give it a blast and it put a smile on my face, I was sold (still a little wary about the gearbox but decided the risk would be worthwhile).

    I only wanted the car in Liquid Yellow, the white was the only other colour id consider but theres just something about LY its something I didnt want to compromise on. After a little while of searching on auto trader I found mine, unfortunately it was 4 hours away in portsmouth but well worth the drive!

    Liquid Yellow
    LUX pack
    Heated leather seats
    RS monitor

    The only thing the car is missing is the cup chassis, which is very disappointing but as you will find out in a minute, its not going to matter!

    Heres she is when I got her home:


    Only had the car about a month and got her first real test! The Wales run. Was great, loved every moment, just a very tiring day. Really impressed with how it performed and the gearbox was great.


    After a cheeky comment by [MENTION=41063]Pav[/MENTION] I agreed with him, and the big clio badge had to come off! Fair play, it looks miles better:


    Got something I never thought id have, a private number plate, matches the car and my initials, very happy!:


    So here I am now, loving the car more each day, its perfect for me. Nice a quiet when I'm going too and from work, flick of a switch and a pull on the paddles and its awesome fun and puts a big grin on my face!

    Plans the future:

    Calipers sprayed red (this will be done shortly, ive thought about different colours, its not to deceive people into thinking its a cup, its just they look horrible in boring grey metal and I think its the only colour that will suit it)

    Bilstein B14 coilovers (the only criticism I have of the car is the handling, slight bit of body roll and a bit shakey sometimes)

    Wind deflectors (unsure about these on a 4 door)

  2. chris mcm

    chris mcm

    RB 197 Cup
    Some nice wide renaultsport mudflaps would make the car stand out much more I think. Red calipers too
  3. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    haha..well done Chris..after a year of nagging you,you finally did it..well happy you have started your progress thread...
    the car looks great as i already said to you..hope you get them calipers painted soon so it finishes the look nicely...
    btw the rear of your car looks better without the clio badge :rofl:
  4. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Already in talks with body shop about calipers, will be done before the Yorkshire trip :smile:
  5. Tutuur


    LY R27, Arden blue R5gtt
    Awesome car in the best colour available!
  6. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

    looking good :thumbsup:
  7. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Nice to see a progress thread from you Chris :smile: it's a lovely looking car and I thought it sounded brilliant on the Wales run. Looking forward to seeing it again next month.
  8. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    with painted are you having them done?powder coated or spray painted??
  9. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Sprayed mate. My local bodyshop is guna be doing them, they will take them off car and then blast then spray them. 1 Years guarnatee also..
  10. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    looking forward to seeing them painted...
  11. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Booked in next Friday for calipers!
  12. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    So finally had the callipers done today! Been itching to have them painted, was umming and arring between getting them professionally done and doing them myself. In the end I opted to have them done at a bodyshop, as the finish is just far greater than anything you can get with a brush at home.

    How they come out the factory for a none cup model is bare cast metal, which is just dreadful. So in hindsight I'm even more glad I didnt do them myself, as the paint that id have been using would be so thick and gloopy (as it gives it a gloss finish) I dont think it'd look right. The only thing with this being is that when they've been done today, I was expecting them too look like a cup model (in a gloss smooth finish). They've painted them and I'm actually very happy with how they've come out, even though they're not what I was expecting.

    Excuse the filthy wheels, will be cleaning it tomorrow and get some better pictures!



  13. Pav

    Pav Moderator

    albi blue 197 with boost
    have they been painted and lacquered too??look miles better Chris..glad you are happy with the result..did you put them back on yourself??did you bleed the system too??
  14. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    They've been painted in caliper paint, but not lacquered, they don't look like they need laquer though, they look oem finished.

    they did it all mate, removed them prepped and then put them back.
  15. So that's what LY looks like.... :smiley:
  16. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Haha its dirty! Trick of the light mate :smile:
  17. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Very nice Chris :smile: really glad you're happy with them, I think it looks smart. Looking forward to seeing them at the end of the month :wink:
  18. Looking good Chris!
  19. Chris

    Chris Bad cop Administrator

    Ok cheeky update.

    Spent all day detailing the car, major effort, but wanted it looking its best for Yorkshire Trip and CSS!

    I was going to polish the car, but upon inspection its actually in cracking condition, with little to no swirls, so I opted to just use a glaze via machine with a finishing pad.

    Products used:
    Autobrite Snow Foam and lance
    Carchem Cola Shampoo
    Chemical Guys 'Bug Bugger'
    Autosmart Tardis
    Carpro Iron X
    Bilthammer Claybar
    Billberry Wheel Cleaner
    Chemical Guys Bare Bones
    Meguiars #80 Speed Glaze (Applied via machine)
    Chemical Guys Pad conditioner
    Chemical Guys 'Wet mirror finish'
    Collinite 476S Wax
    Chemical guys wheel armour
    Autoglym Glass polish
    Megiuars tyre endurance gel

    Pictures: (if you see any little black marks its little fly/beetle things that harassed me all day)


    Decided to see what glacier white clio 200t ownership would feel like for a few minutes:

    A lot of contamination removed:

    Some reflection shots:


    Wheels (and better picture of calipers painted)

    Finally some finished shots:


    Comments welcome :smile:
  20. Jimmy

    Jimmy Good cop Administrator

    Stunning job Chris :smile: is the machine easy enough to use?

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