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    With the new rules being changed mid year me and @Jimmy have decided to give an idea of the themes that we will be running next year. This will give you the best chance of getting that perfect snow shoot or "April showers" shot ready for POTM we also want to continue with the Free For All but I felt more themes are needed.

    So without further ado The List

    Jan: Vote For POTY
    Jan: Winter

    Feb: Night time

    Mar: Free For All

    April: showers

    May: Free For All

    June: Blue sky

    July: Free For All

    August: It's all in the 'detail'

    Sep: Holidays

    Oct: Free For All

    Nov: Autumn

    Dec: Festive

    So just touching the rules.

    Themed Months Pictures can be >>> New or Old <<<
    Free for All months Pictures must be >>> New <<<
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