Worn/Melted CV Boot - Track Only Car


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Hi. Have a strange issue with drivers side CV Boot. Boot was a brand new Renault part, put on just before Bedford track day. It was installed correctly, with the correct crimping tool.
Half way through the day (approx 60 miles) I noticed the inside of the wheel was covered in grease. CV boot had split. Applied some superglue to the split (old trick) and carried on with rest of day.

Have taken boot off today and strangely it looks like it's worn in a couple of places. Pics below.

The white parts are superglue, where it split. You can also see wear to the patch above.

Better image of the wear patch

Could this have been caused by excessive heat, or is it perhaps a faulty part? Was the proper Renault part (£16), although the parts guy did tell me it was just a universal CV boot (he was hinting I could have purchased it a lot cheaper elsewhere).

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