Wheel Alignment Near Manchester

Yesterday on a run back from N.Wales I came round a sharp left hand bend and a 4x4 had cut the corner and was completely in the middle of the road. I should have been going a little slower to anticipate this sort of thing but there we go.

Nowhere for me to go but swerve left and the passengers side front wheel went off the tarmac and into a ditch. Looks like when the wheel dropped about 6" down from the tarmac then the subframe between the wheels has contacted the road as I can see where it's been scraped. There is also a nice scrape in the tarmac about 4ft in length.

I can see some fresh metal on the subframe but there does not look like any proper damage and the Clio drives fine, but I'd still like to get it checked out, and get the tracking/wheel alignment checked at the same time just in case. Anyone know a Clio friendly garage in or near Manchester with a good wheel alignment machine? Don't fancy taking it to Quickfit, ATS or similar?