200 Steering Wheel Alignment

Hello All,

I recently purchased an Albi Blue Clio 200 with the cup pack and recaros. I have enjoyed my first couple of weeks ownership but have one issue which I'd like some guidance with:

The steering wheel sits a few degrees to the right when tracking in a straight line. It's not huge but enough to be noticeable. The car has different tyres on each of the front wheels but they have similar wear so I'd be surprised if that's what's causing it. Also, there is also a slight judder in the wheel when at full lock at slow speeds, again not huge but noticeable. This would indicate an issue with the tie rod ends as there is no intermediate knock. My plan is to get PS4s fitted soon and then get the alignment checked on a Hunter. If this fails I will look into getting the inner/outer tie rod ends replaced. I understand the subframe can be out of alignment, can someone please explain this?

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Definitely sounds like alignment issue, shouldn't be subframe related.

If the alignment does not resolve the issue, check the inner and outer tie rods for sure. Subframe would be the last thing I would look at - its either bent or the bolts have stretched which may cause the subframe to move a bit either way.