What's it worth


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Sorry couldn't find a similar thread but I'm thinking of selling my 2010 200 and not sure what to put it up for.

It's a 2010 Clio 200 in mercury silver with cup pack, recaros, sat nav with full service history. The belts were doneby by ktec in march along with ball joints (aarons autos) in may and it's currently on 72k. The only bad points are a scratched screen where the wipers had a moment, a few marks on the alloys and one key. I was looking at starting at 6k, does that sound reasonable?
Sounds reasonable looking at what similar ones are up for on Autotrader near me, but I'd be tempted to put it up for say £6,500 so you've got a bit of haggle room. The fact the belts have been done recently and the ball joints which are two big jobs is a bonus so make sure you include that in the advert as it will help with the sale. The recaros and sat nav are also a bonus. Can you not find the other key? As they're quite expensive to get spares made up I believe and that could put some buyers off. Get plenty of good pictures too for the advert.