What's it worth? Scorpion exhaust 200

My 2011 200 has a full scorpion system that I'm not keen on, can someone tell me what it's worth?

Secondary decat
Non resonated mid section

Not to sway you however have you thought about swapping to a resonated centre section? Or even removing the secondary decat?

I had that set up and it was crazy loud, I changed the centre section and it’s soo much nicer
I'll pop up a video tomorrow.

I spend a lot of time on motorway and even a mid silencer chop on my old 200 was too much for my liking.
I was in the same boat mate, I had the same system commuting 90miles a day and it was unbearable.. since I put them resonated in, it was a massive difference!

I can see where your coming from tho.