Trolley Jack for 197- question


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Quite a range of trolley jacks out there.

My citeria is lightweight (To carry about at track, and I'm old lol), low profile entry, fastlift double piston, between 400-500mm lift height, decent long handle, castor wheels all round, etc etc

It is nigh on impossible to get everything you want for a 2 tonne lift, so lightweight and low entry most important for me

The Halfords advanced 2 tonne looks good at 20kg ish- so went in store to lift it. Its OKish, but not that light
I have a 14kg liftmaster atm which is light enough at 14kg but lacks the refinement

So, would a 1.5tonne lift a 197? (Rear seats out, half cage in)

Obvs most of time it would be a sidelift on jackpoint, occasionally either all front end lift, or rear end lift (2 Wheels in the air)
Would prefer a 2 tonne lift, but if a 1.5tonne will do,,,,,
Also you're never lifting the entire car on the trolley jack. Two wheels will always be on the floor or on stands, so you're only ever lifting at most, half of car's weight.
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I have got a 2 tonne Halfords Advanced low profile jack. It gets under the Clio perfectly and does the job it needs to. I take the back to track days. It is heavy but works well.

I use one of these Arcan jacks. We got it from Costco a few years back, its so much lighter than the other steel ones we have that are rated for 2.5-2.75 tonne and actually lifts faster too.
Precisely the one I am looking at- nice Black friday offer, too

Does it have a side, or top, carry handle. Cant see in the pics.
Would prefer castor wheels on the front too- does the roller bar give u any hassle

The weight is the biggest issue for me- so it looks good.

It has a grab handle on either side

no hassle with the roller bar, great for dragging
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