Clio Trolley jack points

Hi folks,

I've seen the various threads on jacking points for the 200 but i almost had heart failure tonight and need to check something.

I'd jacked the car up using the front jack point that the renault jack uses (lifting both wheels off the deck), but my jack is one of the arcan trolley jack beasts with the big rubber pad to cushion the blow. When i let the jack down it looked like the jack point wasn't sitting evenly like it had been pushed in at one side. I reckon this would be almost impossible because the regular jack would deform the area too if it was that flimsy but i almost freaked out.

so, can anyone confirm that it would not be possible to deform the clio jacking points area (i can't imaging it would be possible) and also should the trolley jack actually sit further under where the circle of plastic lugs is?

The reason i didn't use them is the pics i saw didn't look conclusive enough and my style of jack would crush the wee plastic tabs.

Put me out of my misery! :smile:

The points are shaped like a slot with more of a lip towards the inside/centre of the car which may look like you describe.

They shouldnt deform as they are the correct jacking points which everyone uses unless they're doing something slightly different, can use the rear beam as an example.
yeah, thats the jack points i used - the ones on the outside. I know its irrational but when i let the car down it looked like the lip on the outside edge of the car had squashed, but i couldn't possibly imagine that. your description of the jack points matches what mine looke like now. thank f**k :smile:

Are they the only place to lift from? even though my jack is a low rise one i can't get it far enough under to the subframe at the front...
this is the only thing i dont like about new cars - if you screw something up then its definitely you thats done it :smile:

managed to touch one of my speedlines on the kerb tonight too, scraped the very edge of the wheel just a wee tiny bit, would have punched myself in the balls if it wasn't in public...
You just have to be a bit more careful when using them jack points when not using the supplied jack, when I jack my car up I use a block of wood to spread the weight evenly and jack the car up nice and slow.
The jacking points are rubbish I've had my jack slip off a few times luckily enough I've always had other safety support at the time
They are crap.

I wouldn't go direct on to them with a trolley jack. Either use a piece of wood or rubber/nylon block on top of your metal jack head (cut it to shape as well so it wont slip out). Using a metal head you will rip off the paint and leave it exposed, it could rust/corrode.

Edit just read you have a rubber pad on your jack - will be fine!